Omnium Gatherum build up their strength and charisma to take a shot at one of the 80’s most coveted classics – Michael Sembello‘s “Maniac“. With the speed and heaviness already laid out, the seed had already been planted long ago… could they do it? Omnium’s elements were already there, all they had to do was stretch it out and get sweatin’!

Vocalist Jukka Pelkonen says:
This classic pop song is shape-shifting into Omnium Gatherum style of modern melodic death metal blast! Here is something to dance and headbang to in summertime!

Guitarist Markus Vanhala adds:
I heard it from the start with this classic 80’s banger that it had all the usual OG elements there, our band just had to play this and turn this to OG song! Get your upcoming summer spiced with this one and it’s gonna be a good one!

With the music video’s opening scene reminiscent of that classic Flashdance theme, Omnium Gatherum waste no time in diving deep into nostalgia, and twisting it just enough to pull us off the edge and into the fall.

Jukka’s calm, almost sinister expression as the music commences is thrilling. We’re unsure of the take that’s about to roll in, but from the grin on his face we know it’s about to be something wild. As the vocals kick off, we see Jukka take a more relaxed approach to his harsh vocal prowess, letting the lyrics show through, and the musical nods sink into your minds.

You can see the fun that the band is having with this cover, utilizing their own skill set to contort the music into their own style, much like the dancer showcases her contortion skills on the floor. The unique solo that hits us is both classic OG and yet 80’s in undertone. The classic riffs on the keys, spun to give it more momentum is exciting and moving.

OG‘s cover of Michael Sembello‘s “Maniac” is both fun and familiar. With the classic melody coursing through, and OG adding in their own bits of riff work and harsh vocals takes it to a new and peculiar level. It’s difficult not to head-bang, or even shimmy along to this track when it comes on, with OG absolutely smashing it out of the park.

You can find “Maniac” on Omnium Gatherum‘s upcoming album Slasher due out June 2nd, 2023 via Century Media Records. You can also follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok to stay up-to-date on news, concert announcements, and much more!