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About Me!

Valkyrjia, or Valky, as some may know her as, has been into professional writing gigs since the summer of 2018. First starting out on websites like Fiverr, she quickly gained popularity as a writer of High Fantasy epics and combination Dark Fantasy/Scifi Tales with clients seeking her out from across the world. Her range quickly expanded when in November of 2019 she began working as a Concept Writer with the band ILLUMISHADE formed by Eluveitie members Fabienne Erni & Jonas Wolf. Despite being deep in the world creation and lyrical formation of ILLUMISHADE’s universe, she continued to create for both herself and others. From there on she continued to work on a myriad of different projects ranging from MMORPGs to household DnD campaigns and much more!

She has since furthered her writing career in the Metal Community by joining and as an Album Reviewer and, Editor in the Summer of 2021; extending her passion for prose on her reviews for albums such as Ad Infinitum’s “Chapter II – Legacy”, and IGNEA’s “Bestia”.

Now, Valky continues to work with a variety of clientele and carries on her passions in the writing community through her own creative writing gigs as well.

For more information, and inquiries on commissioning Valky, please take a look at the commissions page for details.