A band that has become one of the pillars of Pagan Metal, Arkona spread news through their heathen brethren to announce the upcoming release of their perplexing, and otherworldly ninth studio album, Kob‘ set to drop June 16th, 2023 via Napalm Records. Having spent five years in solitude, the band emerges once more with eight unearthly tracks that explore a new realm in their Pagan journey. Utilizing tradition, Kob’ sets to tell the tale of humanity’s fall into the apocalypse.

Photo credit: Edaliana Rennenkampf

Now, Arkona unveils the album’s first single, the title track “Kob‘” (which translates into ‘spell’ in English) alongside an eerie and magically-charged music video. With the focus coming on Masha’s talented screams, and shadowy soundscapes, the music video tells the tale of humanity’s growing distance from the forgotten and aged, only to be reborn and returned to rest.

Arkona state about the upcoming album, Kob’:
“Kob’ is ARKONA‘s darkest creation to date. Conceptually, the album describes six steps of the descent into the abyss, where each of the songs is the epitome of every step. We invite everyone to recognize the truth of the Primordial Darkness by plunging gradually into the world of the black reality of Suicidal Humanity through its complete annihilation.”

Featuring dark rituals, fire, blood, and ash, “Kob’” immerses listeners in the abyss, marked by clawing out the long-forgotten, the buried, ancient evil from beneath the earth, and the subsequent committal of its restorer – Humanity. The visuals that this video provides bring in occult mystery as to how such a ressurrection is to be commenced. Watching the video brings a strange chill to your back, like eyes settling upon you from unseen shadows. As you sink ever further into curiosity and exposure, you become one with the undoing – the wretched and rebirthed; once more whole.

Kob’ Tracklisting:
1. Izrechenie. Nachalo
2. Kob’
3. Ydi
4. Ugasaya
5. Mor
6. Na zakate bagrovogo solntsa
7. Razryvaya plot’ ot bezyskhodnosti bytiya
8. Izrechenie. Iskhod

You can pre-order your own copy of the upcoming Arkona album Kob’ via the direct link. And don’t forget to stay up-to-date by following the band on their socials including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.