Fantastical Metal unit, The Dark Side of the Moon, have unveiled their fourth single, and their first original song to date – the elusive “The Gates of Time“. Featured on the upcoming album Metamorphosis set to debut May 12th, 2023 via Napalm Records, this track highlights not only Melissa Bonney’s brilliant vocals but, Jenny Diehl’s immersive harp skills as well.

Featuring members of Feuerschwanz, Ad Infinitum, and Amaranthe, The Dark Side of the Moon has captivated fans with previous releases like “May It Be” and “Double Trouble/ Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme)“.

The Dark Side of the Moon on “The Gates of Time”:             
“We are beyond proud to present to you the very first song we’ve ever written together as a band! We started this journey with covers of famous songs from movies, series, and video games but soon we realized that writing our own stories and melodies was a must. Four creative minds with so many ideas to share – “The Gates Of Time“ is just the beginning!”

With a barrage of drums banging on the door, The Dark Side of the Moon don’t tread lightly on their original release. The beat picks up, quickly adding rhythmic guitars and entrancing harp strings to create an all too catchy melody. Melissa belts out her best, rising over the wave of wild instrumentals to completely ensnare listeners.

The movement of grace, bringing in Jenny’s harp solo, is stunning; it allows the strings to shine through for a more delicate palette before erupting into one hell of a dynamic guitar solo. It’s a vibrant showcase of each musician’s unique skill set and how seamlessly they all fit together.

1. Legends Never Die
2. The Gates of Time
3. Misty Mountains (feat. Tom S. Englund)
4. Double Trouble / Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme) (feat. Rusanda Panfili)
5. First Light (feat. Rusanda Panfili)
6. New Horizons (feat. Fabienne Erni)
7. The Wolven Storm (Priscilla’s Song)
8. May It Be (feat. Charlotte Wessels)
9. If I Had a Heart
10. The Hanging Tree
11. Jenny of Oldstones

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