To commemorate one of Rock N’ Roll’s most iconic legends, Powerwolf celebrates the 75th birthday of Alice Cooper by debuting their own cover of the rock classic “Poison“. The 1989 hit, off Cooper’s powerful Thrash album was been heard by music fans across the globe. Having been covered numerous times, it’s no surprise that Powerwolf would take a turn, adding their own trademark sound to the classic tune.

Photo Credit: Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani for VD Pictures

Powerwolf on the cover:
“Over the years we have released several cover songs to pay tribute to artists / bands that we personally hold in high regard. With “Poison”, Alice Cooper has created a timeless classic and we could not miss the opportunity to celebrate his 75th birthday (on February 4) with our own version.“

The classic intro rings in, guitars unchanged as a distant melody grows. Upon first listen, I was skeptical but Powerwolf adds the right amount of flare to an already fantastic track, easily making it one of my favourite covers – EVER. They keep vocals on the forefront, ramping up the guitars with finesse of flashy keys without over-stepping. It’s heavier and melodic but, just as vocally strong and catchy as ever. If you don’t catch yourself singing along by the second line, you should hit ‘repeat’ and try again because this cover is FLAWLESS.

And just in time for the highly regarded Christian holiday, Easter 2023, the band prepares to unveil the special album Interludium on April 7th, 2023 via Napalm Records. The new album will feature six brand new studio tracks, including the popular “Sainted By The Storm“, which already received high praise on the band’s fiery Wolfsnächte 2022 headline tour. It will also include one of the heaviest tracks in the band’s legacy – “My Will Be Done“. Interludium also features some unsung diamonds in the rough, such as “Living On A Nightmare” and “Midnight Madonna.”

Just in time for the highest Christian holiday, Easter 2023, another highlight of the band’s discography,the special album Interludium, will be released on April 7, 2023. The new release features six new studio tracks, including the single “Sainted By The Storm”, which was already celebrated on the band’s exhilarating Wolfsnächte 2022 headline tour, as well as one of the most intense tracks in the band’s history, “My Will Be Done”Interludium also features gems and rarities from the band’s history, such as “Midnight Madonna” and “Living On A Nightmare”.

You can pre-order your own copy of Interludium via the direct title link. And don’t forget to keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram for news, teasers, concert clips and more!