I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’ll have most of this album reviewed before it drops at the end of March, and having fallen in love with 5 of the 9 tracks, I’m definitely not wrong. It’s difficult to ignore Lyrre‘s influence. With the melodic tone, lyrical passion, and dedication, each track that’s been released has had every ounce of heart and soul put in, with all of it revealed in sound. Lyrre has unveiled a myriad of infectious melodies from the dawn of “North Star” and “Divide and Conquer” to the more recent “Crown“, mixing hurdy-gurdy influences and brilliant scenery to not only create timeless harmonies but, vivid, cinematic level creations that take us to mysterious planes.

After a tremendously successful kickstarter, Lyrre was not only able to give us a few promised music videos and singles but, several that have garnered more than 100, 000 views being earned across the board on YouTube. With “Divide and Conquer” leading the charge and bringing the intrigue, the Neo-medieval Metal band has warranted much deserved praise across the globe!

The debut album, Not All Who Dream Are Asleep, is set to drop on March 30th, 2023 and fans can’t wait to see the band’s progression come full circle. Each track has gained more interest, and grabbed the attention of listeners with complex layers of progressive, symphonic, folk, and melodic elements, touched by classic sound, and perfectly escorted by Michalina’s delicate yet passionate vocals.

The latest release, “Chariot of Sun” sees that all in full. Michalina really sings from the hilltops on this one, and it left me breathless.

Chariot of sun makes its way, through different skies, everyday. I beg for strength to reconcile to, change.” – this verse, the chorus, absolutely blew me away. Michalina’s voice absolutely soars and it was star-shattering in its beauty. With vibes that reminded me of Eluveitie‘s “Deathwalker” intro, the hurdy-gurdy for this track takes hold and never lets go. Combine the vocal strength and fiery passion of this track with the contrasting frozen music video, and it’s a wondrous recollection of hope, for change and for purpose; an ode to the guidance we yearn for from beyond. If we strive for change, with a fire in our heart, we will burn through even the most frozen obstacles that threaten our path.

This track keeps its folk heart while still laying down the full impact of heaviness, once again showing us a new side to Lyrre, and constantly leaving us to pick our jaws up off the floor. With Not All Who Dream Are Asleep quickly turning to the horizon, we are left to wonder just what Lyrre has stowed away, waiting for the full debut to make their heart and soul truly felt beneath the sound.

Not All Who Dream Are Asleep Tracks:

1. North Star
2. Divide and Conquer
3. Call in the Wind
4. Valley of Tears
5. Chariot of Sun
7. Peaceful Chaos
8. Forgive and Forget
9. Crown

You can pre-order your very own copy of Lyrre‘s debut album Not All Who Dream Are Asleep via the direct Bandcamp link. And don’t forget to follow the band on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with news, releases, and much more!