The epic saga continues with Lyrre‘s latest reveal – “Crown“. If you haven’t been around long, you wouldn’t know how absolutely enthralled I am with Lyrre and every release thus far. Each track has been captivating and melodic, with elements of hurdy-gurdy and imagination pushing tracks like “Call in the Wind” onto ethereal shores. However, this track took me somewhere entirely different, and to say that I’m absolutely in love with it would be a severe understatement of how often I listen to it.

The newest single “Crown” rides on the inspirational lore of Persephone and is used as the canvas to paint a story about overcoming conflict and emerging victorious. Lyrre‘s goal – to encapsulate Persephone’s evolution from prisoner to pristine as she turns from her mother and emerges as Queen of the Underworld.

Once more, Lyrre unveils their creativity with velvety lyrics like “I’m a servant of the coil between dead and living,” that give us Persephone’s fate all too plainly. A parade of tantalizing drumbeats lead into the ferocious chorus that erupts with “dear mother, I can’t stay, hell is awaiting me. Don’t follow me where I go,” and it is fiercely haunting. From dust to gold, flower to bone, Persephone takes the bars of her prison, twisting them to fit her better as a ruling crown. It sends a message of hope, bravery, and perseverance through a beautiful production that motivates listeners to take things into their own hands, and be unchained by the threads of fate to create our own steps forward.

Utilizing her hurdy-gurdy, Michalina adds underlying contrast in smooth, cascading tones as if to quell the chaotic emotions perfectly depicted in the heavy drums and soaring guitar work. Not only is this track a beautiful recount of Persephone’s fate and turn to glory but, it is done so in a mesmerizing music video, with lyrics so catchy I really can’t shake it from my head.

You can pre-order your own copy of the upcoming album “Not All Who Dream Are Asleep” due out on March 30th, 2023 via the band’s direct Bandcamp link. And don’t forget to check out the band’s social media accounts like Facebook, and Instagram, for updates, news, and releases, including music videos and lyric videos!