Hypa! Hypa! This Summer is about to be EXPLOSIVE! German electronicore sensation Electric Callboy have announced a North American Tour to begin August 25th, 2023 in Portland, Oregon. The heavily popular group was formed in 2010, and had spent much of their time performing on stage as support, hitting up numerous festivals and joining tours as far as Japan. But, it was in June of 2020, that their track “Hypa, Hypa” was released, and the world went absolutely insane. Choosing to take their electronicore down a fun, carefree route, the band quickly amassed a fan-base fond of their comedic and light-hearted takes. With the mix of Heavy Metal and Techno at their core, fans across all genres were captivated by the band’s sound and energy. Tracks like “Hate/Love” and “We Got The Moves” quickly followed, only garnering more views, and more streams for the band, spreading like wildfire across Social Media, and music communities alike.

With their latest album, Tekkno, dropping September 16th, 2022, the band has only gained more traction, taking their act beyond European festival stages to intimate venues and now North America. With more than 15 stops, including two stops in Canada, it’ll be no surprise when this group of heavy metal, fun-seekers sells out at every stop!

General Public Tickets go on Sale Friday at 10:00 AM local time via Ticketmaster. So, make sure you check the date below and get ready for ONE hell of a party!

You can also pre-order your own copy of the upcoming TEKKNO (Tour Edition) via the direct link! And don’t forget to follow the guys on Social Media, and check out the Electric Callboy website for up-to-date concert announcements and potential new dates!