Sam Astaroth has done it again, releasing a track that’s not only infectious but entirely insane! Combining efforts with Ian I-cee on this wicked Trap Metal time bomb created by Novo, Sam also recruits Sadzilla to conquer the mix and complete his trifecta of terror.

Harnessing the essence of feral, unbridled rage, this track takes all the frustrations you’ve been feeling and unleashes them in utter chaos. Utilizing the signature lines from the infamous Inglorious Basterds film, the title itself catches as “100 Nazi Scalps” and you think… “surely, this can’t be?” but, OH here it is and “I WANT my scalps!” 

AMV credit to Lord_Kyoko_Crxzy

Not only does it keep the maddening, and shocking elements from Inglorious Basterds, Sam touches on one of his favourite Animes for further inspiration – the menacing Vampiric series known as Hellsing. “Hell be singing in this bitch to make you scream and shout like I am Alucard with the semi-automatic” is a verse amplified by the vicious beat at its back that kick these lyrics into a threat. 
This track is completely unhinged, and unrivaled in sheer, raw, emotional exposure. I’ve definitely played it more than 100x (and not just to review it either). I simply cannot get enough of how hard this track goes. With the killer beat and the desire to scream alongside the lyrics, it’s hard not to get into the groove of this absolutely menacing, and unparalleled track of madness. 

Sam’s kick-off to 2023 has been astronomical, one that continues to not only impress but, shock as well. It’s only been a month, and Sam continues to unleash epic collaborations and demonic creations which means there’s no telling how high these hellish flames will reach.

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