Since the band’s formation in 2008, Moldovan Modern Metal, and Progressive agents Infected Rain have become known as one of the most energizing acts in the Heavy Metal Scene. In November of 2021, to support their highly praised fifth studio album, the unbeatable Ecdysis (2022), Infected Rain unveiled an exclusive concert stream, titled The Devil’s Dozen. The stream was only available for 8 short days, and remained almost completely under the radar to passing browsers. Now, the band fronted by the vocal talents of Lena Scissorhands – one of the quickest-soaring ladies in the genre – will release the exclusive, live excitement that is The Devil’s Dozen, due out April 24th, 2023 as both a DVD/Bluray + 2 CD Digipak format via Napalm Records.

Lena Scissorhands comments:
“Today is the day! We’ve all been waiting for this for so long. After releasing The Devil’s Dozen for our 13 year anniversary, we’ve been receiving so much love from you, and to answer your question, YES – now it’s possible to have a physical copy of our DVD. You wanted more? You got it!”

Originally taken from the widely popular 2019 album Endorphin, a live performance version for the single “The Earth Mantra” is out NOW and it is absolutely breath-taking.

Take a deep breath and dive into the history of Infected Rain, seen like never before with their full performance spanning across the last 15 years of their existence. Featuring unbeatable production and special effects, as well as rare song elements, tracks like “Freaky Carnival” (from 2017’s album 86), and the bold “The Earth Mantra” and “Storm” (from 2019’s Endorphin) are seen from spectacular new perspective. The release displays the band’s evolution throughout the years and honours Infected Rain‘s majestic career, songwriting, and live skills to date.

The Devil’s Dozen energizes with an ethereal drive by one of the most progressive and inspiring modern metal bands in the community; displaying energizing electronics, progressive notions, and vicious riffs, as well as Lena’s own web of vocal abilities. Infected Rain‘s upcoming DVD/Bluray is not so much a want as a NEED for the modern metal fan, as it illustrates stunning brutality that doesn’t shy away from the passion and melody at its core; executed at maximum energy with heart-stopping enthusiasm in unrivaled performance.

Pre-order The Devil’s Dozen NOW!

The Devil’s Dozen will be released as Digipak, 2xAudio CD, 1x BluRay, 1x DVD on April 14, 2023 via Napalm Records. The DVD/BluRay track list is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Pendulum
3. Mold
4. Endless Stairs
5. Black Gold
6. Serendipity
7. Dead Mannequin
8. Passerby
9. Lure
10. Storm
11. Stop Waiting
12. Dancing Alone
13. Me Against You
14. Enslaved By A Dream
15. Judgemental Trap
16. Freaky Carnival
17. Fool The Gravity
18. Orphan Soul
19. Peculiar Kind Of Sanity
20. The Earth Mantra
21. Sweet, Sweet Lies
22. Taphephobia

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