The breakout new metal act known as As Everything Unfolds debuts their new single “Ultraviolet” with a dazzling new music video! The title track off the upcoming album of the same name that’s out April 21st, 2023 sees the band explore new heights both on a musical and progressive level.

With their 2021 breakthrough coming from Within Each Lies The Other the British Act As Everything Unfolds has raked in more than 20 million streams, earning attention from International Media outlets, and popular acclaim from fans and media alike. After two short years, the band returns, with the announcement of their sophomore album, a full-length titled Ultraviolet, out April 21st, 2023 via Long Branch Records.

Following the excitement, the band has revealed the album’s title track with a brand new music video – marking it as the third release off Ultraviolet behind the 2022 populars “Felt Like Home” and my personal favourite, “Blossom“.

Singer Charlie Rolfe comments:
“This song is about taking back control, and that internal power you feel in taking back the control. Using the overarching concept of ultraviolet light, it’s a great metaphor for how there’s now a new perspective on life in this new version of ourselves.”

The opening lyrics, “blind from relief, only wishing that I could see the forest for the trees. Deluded am I confusing glory for disease,” is so tranquil in its execution yet raw in its divulsion. We see singer Charlie go raw and harsh in the vocal performance on this one, contrasting the more gentle verses, adding a level of pure viciousness to a track that is already deeply complex.

This song, rooted in taking back control, and the power felt as a result, is reflected in the concept of ultraviolet light – a new perspective, a new viewpoint on not only life but ourselves, renewed. The more you listen, the more clear the meaning, and the deeper you understanding becomes. Learning to let go, to push past and move on. To take back your self, your worth, and your very being. Charlie’s execution of this message in her vocal performance energized by the band’s masterful musical skill at perfectly balancing cool riffs and heated drums results in a rawness and pure performance that gets under your skin.

Singer Charlie Rolfe adds:
“The new album ‘Ultraviolet’ is an open work on the thoughts and feelings surrounding us at the timeThe anger, the frustration, the progress, everything on show, nothing to hide. Darkroom practice is something that has been a large part of my creative path, finding links between the emotion in music, putting everything on display for all to listen and exposing a colour photograph, putting it on display for all to see. Only when you are exposed to Ultraviolet light can you see life in full colour.”

You can pre-order your own copy of Ultraviolet via the direct link, including exclusives and more! And don’t forget to follow As Everything Unfolds via their Bandcamp, as well as Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on news, releases, and more!