Fan of history? Power Metal? Sabaton, you say? Well, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

The new EP – Heroes of the Great War from the Metal trailblazers known as Sabaton is LIVE! It’s the second EP in the Echoes of the Great War EP trilogy and features the brand new single “The First Soldier“!

The new EP puts the spotlight on some of the bravest heroes that history has ever seen. As Sabaton says “These are people we believe need to have their stories told and whose narratives truly resonate with us on a personal level“.

The First Soldier” is about one of those people – France’s Albert Severin Roche, who became known as The First Soldier of France for his fearlessness and valor. With a small frame and the skepticism from his peers, Albert was assumed to fail but, he proved himself, and by the end of WWI had captured more than 1,180 prisoners while fighting for the French Army.

To celebrate this new single, Sabaton has launched an animated video that recounts Roche’s story in a collaborative effort with Yarnhub and Nota Bene, the famou,s History-heavy YouTuber. You can watch the video here in French with English subtitles.

Not only has Sabaton given us a visual recount of Albert’s tale but, has also given him his own feature in the brand new lyric video for “The First Soldier“. From the black and white visuals at the back, to the vibrant contrast of the French flag, the melody catches as much attention as the video itself.

Yet another banger from Sabaton, coming in like an anthem of memory and pride as it should. As per classic Sabaton, they keep lyrics simple, making it a song that’s both easy to sing along to, and one that gets you interested in the deeper History of it all. Having taught history to their listeners for more decades, Sabaton, again, initiates a lesson on yet another historical journey that deserves its time in the spotlight.

It’s a song you really can’t help but sing along with, the volume cranked to the max.

You can stream the new track, and the FULL EP via the direct Heroes of the Great War link. And don’t forget to follow Sabaton on Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more for news, updates, and much more!