Pagan Folk Metal masters Heidevolk debut their new music video for the title track “Wederkeer” from the stunning, acoustic album Wederkeer due to debut on Februaty 24th, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Since the band’s debut in 2005 with De Strijdlust is geboren, Heidevolk have invaded the Heavy Metal scene, conquering stages across the globe with their mystifying harmonies and signature band of Pagan Folk Metal. Following the trail blazed by 2015’s VUUR VAN VERZET, the dutch metal force will release their 7th studio masterpiece Wederkeer on February 24th.

After the reveal of the first singles “Klauwen Vooruit” and “Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)“, Heidevolk now premiere a spectacular new music video for the album’s title track “Wederkeer“.

The band comments:
“Today we proudly present our third music video from WEDERKEER!

The titletrack “Wederkeer” is a powerful acoustic anthem about inner strength, pride and beliefs. In the video we witness a young woman wandering through the cold dark forest. She is lost yet something inside her fuels her quest and tells her to persist. Suddenly a luring hymn draws her to the scene of glimmering flares of a fire through the trees, and shadows of men singing a pure and uncompromising anthem. When she eventually enters the circle of light, the scene she thought she witnessed has disappeared, as if it was never there…

With the release of our new album drawing near this raw acoustic track gives you yet another glimpse of what is coming your way. Join us, for the Pagan Metal Brotherhood is on the rise!”

Based on the nature, myth, and legend of the Netherlands’ Veluwe region, the band’s upcoming concept album – based on the interpretation of runes – is a tense journey of self, deeply grounded in Folklore and Heavy Metal.

The word “wederkeer” (meaning to ‘revive’ or ‘return’) invites listeners to take a seat by the fire and let go of the pull that media and the supposed ‘civilized’ world has given us; to look deep within to discover who we truly are. What drives us. What do we value. And what have we learned from life thus far?

An acoustic set, a truly mystifying hymn by firelight, ignites the screen with enchantment and mystery. A journey through shadow and shade, desperate to follow the flicker of dying lights that fuels our footsteps. The music video perfectly encompasses the imagery that this song holds in its tone. Gentle instrumentals, harmonious melody, and fluid vocals call out like an ancient prophecy – divine and unchallenged.

This is a track that stays with you long after the fire’s warm glow has faded, and the stars light up the sky. You can close your eyes and still place a visual on every note, every verse, as if you’ve been stricken by something deeper – a calling from beyond. It gives purpose. It gives hope, and most of all, it gives you a melody to hum along with as you set forth on your path.

You can pre-order your own copy of Wederkeer via the direct link. You can also keep up with the band via the Heidevolk website and Napalm Records, and their socials including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.