Elvenking revealed their follow up album for the Reader of the Runes Saga earlier in 2022 but now, they’re ready to unveil more. We continue the saga with Reader of the Runes – Rapture, set to debut April 28th, 2023 via AFM Records, and the hype could not be any higher.

The newest single, “The Hanging Tree” comes in on absolute fire! The thunderous roar of drums against a beautifully imagined dark fantasy world has all your senses ensnared, and you ponder if you’re the next one to swing from the tree’s crooked, ancient limbs.

Elvenking says: “The Hanging Tree is a song that sets a violent darker tone as we dive deep into the core of the story narrated in the second part of the “Reader of the Runes” trilogy. If “Rapture” was more epic, slow paced and filled with many different shades and textures, “The Hanging Tree” is a merciless fast cavalcade that goes straight to the point with a heavy fast riffing, melodic yet aggressive vocals, big choirs in the chorus, two insane guitar solos and a folk break in the middle that our dear EK fans will definitely love. It will surely be a highlight in our forthcoming live shows.”

It’s got an Elden Ring feel to its scenes and sound, the corpses perfectly silhouetted against crimson sky. And if you’re not into the visuals (how could you not be?!) the story itself is absolutely maddening. From the relentless drums to the feverish riffs, it’s easy to get completely entranced in this dynamic track. The narration of the ‘Hanging Tree’ done in heated, passionate vocal range is another level of awe-inspiring curiosity. You follow our wanderer’s story-line, finally coming upon the pair who dangles upon the old oak, lifeless and shadowed. And when the reveal drops, so does your jaw! To say this track and its story are impressive would be an understatement.

Hanging, they stand against my sight. Oh the eyes can now see clear and bright. And I just want to die!” perfectly encapsulates the emotion of the this story’s character, and I was completely overtaken by surprise when it hit.

Elvenking once again enters the battlefield unyielding with a blistering performance both lyrically and melodically; again having me craving more and tacking this song onto a repeat playlist until I can’t listen to it on full blast any longer (yeah right!)

You can pre-order your own copy of the upcoming Elvenking continuation from the Reader of the Runes saga, Rapture via the direct link. You can also follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on concert announcements, news, and more!