Solunar Records once again unveils an unrivaled sound; bringing in an eclectic blend of instrumentals and lyrical prowess, the collaborative EP Dystopia: Orphaned World, that debuts TODAY, by none other than genre-fluid, fear-walkers Blood Of The Beloved creates a world of unique tales that both stand alone and encircle all. Dabbling on a mix of inspirations, the ability to move fluidly through a variety of sound from Nyte Shade and Skeptik rejects conformity, and the modern obedience to take hold of the world and penetrate its linear mind. Demonized, rejected, and ostracized for deviating from the common stance, they seek to expose the darkness lurking deep within.

The introduction to this EP comes from “Prepare for Impact” that kicks off with an intriguing mix of star-like soundscapes and ‘devil music’ blended together like a soundtrack to your nightmares. It’s short and sweet, reminding me of some brief moments from the band Deathstars in their vocal depth and industrial sound. Yet, Blood Of The Beloved goes harder, and higher, expressing an array of thoughts and emotions in raw, cataclysmic succession from their Gothic prowess to trap beats and beyond.

The second track, “Orphan“, is an eerie ballad; one that feels like the sense that plagues you at the thought of something crawling out from under your bed late at night. The boney fingers that claw at your floorboards hasten, getting faster and louder until its no longer a mere thought. The speedy rap that hits just before 1 minute in is incredibly catchy, and had me nodding along to the beat in no time. It’s a simple track in its formation, catchy in its bass depth and enigmatic composition that really kept me moving. “Just give your soul to me,” lingers on the tongue and mind so quickly, and you find yourself quickly caught up in the track’s infectious rhythm.

Carcass” comes out swinging. Like a cacophony of chaos, this track erupts in heavy beats and spastic noise. It’s the sort of track you blast driving down the road after a horrific work day, frightening anyone who dares to get too close to your open windows. A distorted solo breaks into this soundscape festival of wrath, cranking the intensity and winding out the song with a “wow“.

Crawl” sees the vocal drop commence to the wave-like back beat until the melody switches up and calamity breaks free. It’s a surprising track, filled with twists and turns down damp, shady corridors that had you turning in circles. The raw, emotional expression on this track is unparalleled, unleashing a myriad of unhinged and unspoken feelings that leaves you shaken and disrupted in your basic movement. Definitely one of the wildest tracks on the EP that had me hitting replay more than a few times to catch every switch up and gentle note they managed to touch upon.

The opening quote by Oppenheimer, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” brings the “Depraved New World” track in on a terrifying note. The subsequent vocal breakdown is filled with sheer anger, raw and unprovoked leading for one hell of a memorable intro. At just over two minutes, this track leaves its bloody mark upon you both in a musical and spiritual sense, leaving a trail of black blood, as mysterious as this tune, in its wake. It denotes the now uncivilized world unraveling before us at a frightening speed.

The sixth, and final track, “Vengeance” sees hope turned sour and revenge unleashed. A rapid, dark, and gothic track that switches from the overall industrial feel of the album to bring something deranged and entirely different. It’s chaotic and intense, unrivaled in its energy and perfectly rounding out this massively impressive EP. It’s hard not to feel bouncy with this track, and I was moving without even noticing at first. The beat is utterly infectious and the combo of metal heaviness meets mixed progressive and trap sound really creates something unique that you can’t turn away from.

Overall, this EP is simply stunning. It’s display of raw, unrivaled emotion and intricately balanced sound is something that’s been dabbled in by other artists but, this is unlike anything I’ve heard before. I love the heavy switches from one genre to the next, and yet the seamless transition, when they so desire, to blend it all together as if its a single genre all its own. If you’ve been craving a blend of Gothic Industrial touched by EDM, Trap, and an entirety of genres that creates something other-worldly in its wake, you’ll find yourself easily captivated by Blood of the Beloved and their new EP Dystopia: Orphaned World.

You can follow Blood of the Beloved for more via their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and don’t forget to snag your own copy of their brand new EP Dystopia: Orphaned Land now!