On the heels of a successful tour, one rekindled after the 2019 rush of the Berserker album and the subsequent pandemic that halted it all; flames anew under the banner of The Great Heathen Army brought the thunder of Warriors, their spark, too, reignited. In support of the triumphant tour across many shores, Amon Amarth debuts a cinematic music video mixed with lyrics for their vicious track “Oden Owns You All.”

Packed full with classic Viking elements, this music video feels like it’s been a mix of scenes plucked straight out of some of our favourite Viking shows and films. The visions of Oden, revealing war is upon our shores, and bringing axes, swords, and shields to rattle in anticipation. Of course, it’s also touched with the familiar tones of Amon Amarth carnage; terrifying riffs, bludgeoning drums, and harsh vocals are met with the hammer of iron-forged inspiration to bring Ragnarok once more.

Bladesmith Rod Hughes forges real weapons on scene that not only add to the video’s ferocity but its authenticity as well, while Director Phil Wallis oversees the unity. A hurling Gungnir commands the ending of this tale but, it does so in blazing way towards a new, and frightful era. The classic feel to this music video makes it feel as if we pulled this song and its scenes out of the 1990’s or earlier, making it not only feel authentic and timeless but, unique in a time where sci-fi and animation is flooding the scene.

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