Debuting on December 16th, 2022, As I Speak has released their debutt single “Mend” along with a deeply emotional music video. I will not put this lightly, as F@#$ Cancer is not heavy enough to expel the evilness but, there is no lightness to this track, and it can be hard for those of you still recently afflicted – so be warned, this is a VERY HEAVY hitter.

As I Speak creator/speaker Zach Cunningham has seen no drop in the steady release of his deeply emotional, and riveting singles but, “Mend” takes that emotion to another level. The heavy riffs, and anthem-like hooks go beyond the deep and the dark, to bring us something entirely different.

Taken from his upcoming EP via Solunar Records, and produced by Benjamin Hull, “Mend” was composed in a way that mimics the way we go through the varying stages of grief. Having lost his own aunt to cancer a few years ago, Zach speaks to those of us who have suffered through this level of devastation and loss through powerful, simple lyrics of hurt and rage with a heart-wrenching chorus, and deeply aggressive grooves to match.

The first hit came with “watch your life whither as it’s stripped away,” that’s both too real and fitting for a disease that literally sucks the very life out of its victims. The roller-coaster of not knowing, to waiting, to the reveal is one filled with anxiety and repeatability that’s a punch right in the gut. The portrayals of family members in wait, of paleness and hopelessness, surrounded by pictures of loved ones and hopes of quickness and comfort are a painful reality to embrace.

Are you still with me? Are you still in there, somewhere?” is brilliantly expressed, with both a delicate prowess and emotional level that’s all too real to be simply composed. As I Speak‘s touch on this topic not only comes from personal levels but, ones faced by friends, and other loved ones, and even fans who have felt the same pain, the same hopelessness at one point or another.

When reality hits like a hurricane,” only strengthens the truth in every ounce of emotion expressed. The grieving, the hurt and anger, all conquered by greater pain is PERFECTLY expressed throughout this track. To deny the pain within this track, and the pain felt would be to deny its complex yet compelling composition. From deep, unsettling melody, to the lyrical waves that come in vocal progressions of highs and lows to only further the passion, and the depth of this single, is truly astounding.

As someone who has known the devastation of Cancer and its wickedness all too deeply, this track truly strikes my heart, tearing open old wounds and scars, to acknowledge not only the memory of what I had faced but, what others are facing right this very moment. While I simply cannot get enough of this track, and the emotional punch that comes with it, I do find myself needing a break from the reality that it cuts in with.

The weakness, frailty, and fragility of not only the cancer patient but, the loved ones surrounding is visually compelling. Knowing too closely the truth behind what they recreate. The slipping away, the freedom, the final release beyond pain for one and the suffering that continues for others.

Broken hearts don’t mend,” not only brought tears to my eyes but, closed out this song in a beautiful, but painful way.

For those of you out there, searching for a comfort, for something related to the vicious web that Cancer has spun through your life, listen to this track. It’s a stunning movement through grief, and its stages, and the emotions we all have felt, or feel, when battling such a destructive disease.

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