Reborn into a new era, the Metal force known as DELAIN have returned with not only a new line up but, a newly ignited passion. Proving they are stronger than before, their single “The Quest and The Curse” quickly amassed opinions from fans old and new, cranking up the streams and asking the question – “when will we hear more?” With support worldwide, the multi-million stream-soaked band has finally unveiled the title of their eagerly awaited new studio album, titled Dark Waters, due to debut on February 10th, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Taking the stage once more, like a phoenix reborn, Dark Waters, continues the traditional sound and inspirations of DELAIN brainchild, keyboardist, founder and main songwriter Martijn Westerholt. An ecliptic ride through the skies featuring explosive dynamic, captivating melodies, and catchy tunes that mix cinema with pop, and heavy metal and rock for an entirely unique experience.

The new set of tracks perfectly matches the vocals of Delain‘s new vocalist Diana Leah, allowing her prowess to show through from song-writing to performance, such as with the new single “Beneath“. With the addition of guest singer Paolo Ribaldini, “Beneath” carries Delain on the wings of a whole new journey. Accompanied by a specatuclar new music video, “Beneath” whisks listeners deep beneath a darkened, watery surface, to a world corrupt. With modern sound, and synth structure blended in catchy verses, classic metal elements, and divine riffs, this track dives deeper than anything before.

Martijn Westerholt on “Beneath”:
“’Beneath’ is a perfect ambassador of the album and DELAIN as a whole because it encapsulates almost all of the recognizable DELAIN elements you will find on the album.”

Martijn Westerholt adds:
“This album captures all elements DELAIN is known for – our distinctive heavy guitar riffs, massive orchestral parts, both heavy metal and pop vocals, rock opera vibes along with 80s synth sounds.  In short, this is definitely a recognizable DELAIN album that contains classic ‘DELAIN elements’ while also moving forward with fresh influences.”

Delain have been sharing their unique traits and musical explorations across the globe for more than two decades and counting. Having captivated fans with famous tracks like “We Are the Others” and “April Rain“, the alternative rock unit quickly amassed millions of Spotify streams and YouTube views. Marking six albums beneath their belt, Delain hit the charts more than once with well-known records like Apocalypse & Chill and Hunter’s Moon. Touring worldwide with legendary acts like Sabaton, Nightwish, and Within Temptation, and finding hardcore fans at some of the largest European festivals like Wacken, Graspop, Download and more, Delain only has to pick up where they left off.

Dark Waters Tracklist:

  1. Hideaway Paradise
  2. The Quest and the Curse
  3. Beneath
  4. Mirror of Night
  5. Tainted Hearts
  6. The Cold
  7. Moth to a Flame
  8. Queen of Shadow
  9. Invictus
  10. Underland

Martijn Westerholt – keyboards
Diana Leah – vocals
Ronald Landa – guitars and backing vocals
Ludovico Cioffi – bass and backing vocals
Sander Zoer – drums

You can pre-order your own copy of the upcoming Dark Waters album via the link. And don’t forget to follow the band on their socials like Facebook and Instagram, as well as their own website to snag merch, stay up-to-date on announcements, tour dates, and more!