Smashing out more than 10 full-length albums, Sweden’s Melancholy Metal masters Katatonia evolve once again to bring us “Austerity“. Ever-changing, and pushing the boundaries of what we know Katatonia best for, the band continues to hammer in the nails of Metal with their unique and mystifying sound that now calls on their 12th album – Sky Void of Stars due out January 20th, 2023 via Napalm Records.

This week, Katatonia brought us the second single off this upcoming album, the introductory track called “Austerity” alongside its visually breath-taking video. From the rainy environment outside, veiling the already impressive lyrical stances with dismay, the balance and shift from rhythmic chords to harsh riffs strains outlook and brings vibrant emotion into play. The literal painting of chaotic images alongside searing riffs build tension atop already darkened verses.

You say that woe is always in your mind. You drag me back in for a breath of comfort. No longer telling wrong from right. The ghost-like horizon of your eye.” – a chorus that is as haunting as the skyline of this music video.

The melody simmers before it boils over into a twisted fall into dejection, spiraling downward in a blend of discomforting bass, crashing drums, and maddening guitar work. Jonas Renkse’s vocal performance is passionate and explosive on this track, delicately painting through the verses while simultaneously straining to increase the tension.
KATATONIA on “Austerity”:
“We hereby present you our new single and the opening track of Sky Void of Stars – ‘Austerity’. Energetic and dark, stern and disenchanted. Enjoy.”

Beginning their journey in 1991, Katatonia have devotedly embraced the tendrils of both shadow and light, bearing witness to the rise and fall of genre evolution throughout the decades, allowing them to experiment and grow alongside them. From Death Metal riffs and Doom rhythm, to heart-pounding Rock, and Melodic calls, Katatonia have traveled the expansive realms of genre, pulling in inspiration from the boldest moments.

A light in the dark, Katatonia illuminate nightmarish halls, sharing their unique, ever-changing sound through a brand new 11-track creation, all written and composed by vocalist Jonas Renkse. Solidifying their sound in the genre, while pushing expectations, Katatonia‘s exploration of the genre-verse has left imprints that speckle like starlight – Sky Void of Stars becomes the new twinkle in the spanning realms of the musical universe.
KATATONIA on the new album, Sky Void of Stars:
“Our 12th album, Sky Void of Stars, is a dynamic journey through vibrant darkness. Born out of yearning for what was lost and not found, the very peripheries of the unreachable, but composed and condensed into human form and presented as sounds and words true to the KATATONIA signum. No stars here, just violent rain.”

Jonas Renske – Vocals
Anders Nyström – Guitars
Roger Öjersson – Guitars
Niklas Sandin – Bass
Daniel Moilanen – Drums

You can pre-order your own copy of Katatonia‘s Sky Void of Stars via Napalm Records, due out January 20th, 2023. You can also follow the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

Sky Void of Stars track listing:
1    Austerity
2    Colossal Shade
3    Opaline
4    Birds
5    Drab Moon
6    Author
7    Impermanence (feat. Joel Ekelöf)
8    Sclera
9    Atrium
10  No Beacon To Illuminate Our Fall
11  Absconder (Bonus Track)