The Third Project have unveiled their new single for “Cassandra” through an intense new music video promoted by DMG Solutions. The Alternative/Screamo/Metal/Rock/Power Trio from France are a three piece unit consisting of drummer, bassist, and a guitarist that “screams like hell”. Planning to release their new album in 2023, the band’s known for their extreme live performances in a drastic sense like breezes into hurricanes, and the crushing brutality of Heavy Metal.

Set to be released in early 2023, The Third Project will launch their blistering new album alongside a limited edition 50-page colour comic book that will contain photos, illustrated lyrics, and bonus material. At lunch, fans will have a chance to play a free video game online that follows the comic book’s storyline and the band.

Filmed in moody black and white, the heaviness of this track kicks off immediately, with the weight of passion and performance at the helm. Filled with meaty riffs, driving bass, and hammer-heavy drums, this song doesn’t shy away from the fact the band may be a three-piece but, they’ve got all the intensity of a symphony orchestra. I loved the flow of intensity, derived in the levels that come from the thick bass lines, into the speed of the drums, rising and calming to flow with vocals that hit maximum viciousness. Fans of bands like Gojira, Deftones, Birds in Row and early Baroness will find their metal thirst quenched with this trio and their maddening musical skill.

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