UK Heavy Metal act AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS have unveiled their brand new single – “Blossom“! This track is the second peek at their exciting new album, set to be released in 2023 via Long Branch Records.

Singer Charlie Rolfe comments:
“Don’t ever forget where you came from, don’t forget we’re still progressing and don’t forget there is still so much growth yet to do. This song is about the fear I had around losing what I had. I knew what I had and how much I wanted to pursue it, and how much we as a group had achieved in the last year, I couldn’t let it go to waste. Things in blossom should be allowed to grow, and I won’t stop it.”

Stepping out of the shackles of traditional genres, As Everything Unfolds have found their own, distinctive sound. Creating a listening experience all their own, and utilizing a multitude of genres bending the alternative and more, the band has garnered more than 20 million streams of their debut album to date, showing the world that their creative motions have not gone unseen.

As Everything Unfolds have been nominated for a Heavy Music Award, having appeared at European festivals including Download Festival, Graspop, Rock For People, and more; sharing stages with bands like Enter Shikari, Wargasm, Holding Absence, and many others.

As the release of their new album crests their horizon, and festival dates begin to pile up, As Everything Unfolds seems to be ready to ring in 2023 with a bang. Currently, they are on tour throughout the UK and Europe as the main support for Being As An Ocean.

With a taste of the pop-punk era, and thunderous heavy metal foundations, what you expect from the band, and the new track, “Blossom” is quickly blown out of the water as each verse twists and turns. The track really allows for the full expression of the band, with vocals high and placed in the spotlight, while riffs grow, and bass and drums take up the undergrowth but, not to be forgotten. The depth of growls that come out of nowhere are a welcome surprise in “endless life lessons, fed up of these false confessions,” that quickly winds back up, touching on elements of symphonic and melodic to truly create a song of unique making.

It’s a quick track but, one that leaves impact with fiery lyrics, and exquisite performance that only leaves listeners itching for what the album has to reveal.

Charlie Rolfe – Vocals
Adam Kerr – Guitar
George Hunt – Bass
Jon Cassidy – Synth
Jamie Gowers – Drums

You can keep up with the band via their Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to check out their merch, and pre-order the new album via the As Everything Unfolds webpage!