After more than a year of silence on the musical front, ILLUMISHADE has emerged from the shadows, bringing forth a new era with their single “Elegy“. The band, consisting of founding members Fabienne Erni & Jonas Wolf (Eluveitie), alongside Mirjam Skal (Varda), Marc Friedrich (Atomic Symphony), and Yannick Urbanczik came together to bring about a new era of Illumishade not only with this track but, with fresh artwork, and a new stylized logo as well!

Logo by Chris Rorland

In 2020, the band released their first album Eclyptic: Wake of Shadows that featured the hit “World’s End” that exposed the world to the realm of Illumishade. It also featured popular tracks like the ballad “Rise“, and the pop-style mixer “Crystal Silence” amongst others. Fans also got to witness a number of events that brought more if the Illumi world into light; Tribe Tuesdays brought up quizzes and riddles that helped fans get to know a bit more about the Tribes and their characteristics, while Takeovers helped listeners get more acquainted with each Illumi member. Created by Fabienne Erni, with makings for a world and lore stirring in early 2019, Illumishade quickly amassed a loyal following of fans both in a musical and other-worldly sense. With their own world built around a crystal, and the Guardian that protects it, each band member also assumed a role, such as The Bound, The Patron, The Scout, The Sage, and The Spirit. Each Illumi Order member represented a ‘Tribe’ – Hallusia, Teshay, Vaiyna, Faeva, and Yagun. This helped to build the world of the concept album, and fill each new track with depth beyond the lyrics and music.

Fans were also greeted with cover songs, like Frozen II’s “Into The Unknown” that got its own, frigid, music video that offered exploration and delight. A year after, on New Year’s Day in 2021, the single “Endless Vow” was released, much to excitement of fans around the world. Unfortunately, due to ongoing pandemic delays, their major release show became virtual, and few live shows were able to emerge. However, with tours having kicked back up, and music on the rise once again, the world of Illumishade has stirred once more, shifting, and changing like the crystal’s surface to bring forth a new Illumi era with “Elegy“.

Released yesterday, the new video brings a heavier feel to the band, with new, experimental touches added in viola, and theremin touches as well as lyrical collaboration from each band member. The song is not only catchy but, the video is a mystifying glimpse of artistry and pain, carefully sewn together to bring “Elegy” to life. It’s a perfect fit alongside the new logo (designed by Chris Rorland – Sabaton) and single artwork (created by Vidick – Infected Rain/Fabi, and Jonas)

Artwork by Vidick (Infected Rain), Fabienne Erni, and Jonas Wolf

You can follow the band for more news and updates through their Facebook page, Instagram, or website – where you can also grab new, limited merch! “Elegy” is only the beginning of Illumishade‘s new era, and bigger things are waiting just over the horizon.