Premiering November 20th, 2022, the electronicore sensation known as Electric Callboy (formerly Eskimo Callboy), debuted their vicious new video for their track “Mindreader“. The German-based group formed in 2010, had spent much of their time performing on stage as support, hitting up numerous festivals and joining tours as far as Japan. But, it was in June of 2020, that their track “Hypa, Hypa” was released, and the world went absolutely insane.

Choosing to take their electronicore down a fun, carefree route, the band quickly amassed a fan-base fond of their comedic and light-hearted takes. With the mix of Heavy Metal and Techno at their core, fans across all genres were captivated by the band’s sound and energy. Tracks like “Hate/Love” and “We Got The Moves” quickly followed, only garnering more views, and more streams for the band, spreading like wildfire across Social Media, and music communities alike.

In 2022, the band released the single “Spaceman” feat. Finch under their new name, off their latest album Tekkno, to which “We Got The Moves” and “Pump It” were a part of. And since the summer, have released “Fckboi” feat. metalcore band Conquer Divide and “Hurrikan“, marking September 2022 as the month of Tekkno’s release, and entered the German Charts as No. 1 – the highest for any Electric Callboy released to date.

Now, the band has unveiled a frightful new video to accompany “Mindreader” taking their fun, comedic act and replacing it with one with a more sinister touch.

With flashing lights and a demonic entity at their back, one can only figure who is the Mindreader here? The metalcore aspect in the band’s roots, with inspirations drawn from bands like Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack! comes in clutch with this track, taking the electronic elements and darkening them to exposed the crushing metal within.

Lyrics like ,”And there never really was a you and me, you wrapped me ’round your finger, then hit my back with your deadly stinger,” targets the manipulative motives of this entity, a being that once held passion and romance but all in disguise. “Save myself! You’ll be the death of me,” really trickles down, as someone trying desperately to escape but pulled back by the sweet nothings and deceitful gaze.

The metal elements of this track go absolutely ballistic, launching at us with an all out assault through shredding riffs and heavy drums that sink into a maddening breakdown that gets even the curious head-banging along. The electronica is lightened, allowing the heaviness of this track to bleed through with ease and quickly earn it more than a few play-throughs on my end.

You can snag your own copy of Tekkno via the link, and don’t forget to follow the band on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok for news, teasers, and tidbits!