With funding of 149%, surpassing their initial goal, LYRRE are proud to present the newest video for the second single “North Star” off their upcoming, fan-funded, album! More than 400 backers made everything possible, pushing LYRRE to surpass their goal of funding the album but, also providing enough leftover income to film not 1 but 2 new videos including the newly released “North Star“. The album will consist of 9 songs as we know thus far. And we have already tasted the power that came with the first single “Divide and Conquer“.

LYRRE is an independent neomedieval metal band from Poland. Brought into existence in 2020 by Michalina Malisz (hurdy-gurdy, vocals – formerly of Eluveitie), and her husband Piotr Martuś (guitars), LYRRE merges musical influences that range from modern metal to symphonic in nature, with mixes of cinematic elements, folk, and electronic inspirations as well. The best way to describe all these elements, portrayed as one, was what the band decided to call ‘neomedieval metal’.

For now, the title of their debut album remains a secret but,with the multiple musical influences that came together in the process of its creation, we can assume it will be something poetic. The lyrics were inspired by literature and legend; rich in poetic expression and metaphors pulled from various myths and medieval imagery. They touch on the topics of existential turmoil and change, as Michalina explains “we have experienced a lot of changes in the past few years collectively, as well as personally. This is why we chose ‘change’ as the central theme of our first record.”

The song tugs at familiar and personal cords, with lyrics like “not all who wander are lost” hitting nostalgia but, depth in the pop-culture familiarity but, a line that has become a piece of the soul. It’s a slow, ballad-like lull that wistfully lures us, touching on a note we cannot quite place yet, felt too deeply to ignore. Michalina’s hurdy-gurdy holds bass-like quality in this track, solidifying the harmony, and striking the throat for intensity while the metal elements hold precision and carry out this song’s melody. The video, adds to this deep, pounding melody, with pale imagery, dimly lit by a grey skyline. Forgotten dwellings, trails grown over with flora and fauna, yet “this map was written in my blood” proves that what is within will guide us to where we truly belong in the end.

You can follow LYRRE on their YouTube channel, as well as Instagram, Facebook, as well as their Bandcamp for news, announcements, and updates!