The mighty WARKINGS release a fiery new single titled “Hellfire” feat. Morgana le Fay in a brand new music video in celebration of their album Morgana that debuts TODAY!

Emerging from the underworld once again, the mightiest of heroes, WARKINGS, return to the battlefield with an unimaginable ally – the one and only sorceress Morgana Le Fay. Sister of Arthur and Mistress of the lost has now chosen to walk alongside ancient royalty, accompanying them in adventure and war. And now, the fourth chapter of the WARKINGS battle has begun, with album Morgana debuting via Napalm Records!

Hellfire” is the third single off the album, with the wicked temptress having enchanted us with her fearsome voice only a few singles earlier. Touching on the toxicity of her torn relationship with King Arthur, this video sees the heroic King atop his throne, surrounded by the enslaved. In the darkest depths, the Lady of Lost Souls greets her brother who soon challenges her to fight.Veiled a hedonistic and shadowed by ruin, we see the blackened hands and lips of the King pull back to reveal an ugly grin with crooked talons. With fire erupting at his back, his body twists and coils like a serpent backed into a corner while the WARKINGS begin their assault.

To deny the growth that WARKINGS have had throughout this year, as witnessed on the tracks released from the album, would be blind. Both vocally and musically, our Kings have indulged in bigger riffs, heavier drums, and higher solos that shock and awe followers and fans alike. “Hellfire” will reign over the largest battlefield of the band’s career on their tour with Powerwolf and Dragonforce that begins today!.

With their third single “Hellfire“, the evil sorceress raises her haunting voice shortly before the album release to reveal the toxic history of her love-hate relationship with King Arthur. Surrounded by slaves, the heroic king sits on his throne in the video. In the demonic depths, the Lady of Lost Souls meets her brother, who challenges her to battle. “Hellfire” will be unleashed on the biggest battlefield in the bands’ career at the upcoming tour with Powerwolf and Dragonforce!

The dark sorceress Morgana on “Hellfire”:
“Walk with me in hell…let us become fire and conquer the underworld. I am reborn.”
The mighty Crusader adds on the tour:
“Wolfsnächte are coming…join us on our holy European crusade. We will meet on the battlefield.”

Having forged their musical talents in the fiery tradition of Powerwolf, Sabaton, Hammerfall, and Running Wild, the WARKINGS emerged on the battlefield in 2018. Gathering Warriors around the world, they entered the Official German Album Charts of 2021 at #13 with Revolution. Collecting their honour in the golden halls of Valhalla, the four ancient Kings – a Roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader, and a martial Spartan – have now returned with Morgana, having already resurfaced from the underworld, defeated the Monarchs of the dusk and called for Revolution!

WARKINGS on Morgana:
“A voice so dark and evil…a tale so twisted and mysterious. We created epic songs to tell the story of the dark sorceress. Welcome to the hellfire…the burning world of Morgana le Fay.”

You can keep pace with the WARKINGS via their website, and social media outlets including Facebook, and Instagram! You can order your own copy of Morgana via the link – HERE !


  1. Hellfire feat. Morgana le Fay
  2. To the King
  3. Monsters feat. Morgana le Fay
  4. Last of the English
  5. Heart of Rage feat. Morgana le Fay
  6. Row (Into the Storm)
  7. Immortal feat. Morgana le Fay
  8. Shame
  9. The Rite
  10. Legend Untold
  11. Armata Strigoi (Powerwolf Cover) – Bonus Track
  12. Cry Thunder – Bonus Track

Catch the mighty WARKINGS live at festivals and on huge stages with POWERWOLF and DRAGONFORCE in November and December 2022!

Wolfsnächte 2022 with POWERWOLF and DRAGONFORCE:

11.11.22 DE – Berlin / Velodrom
12.11.22 DE – Munich / Zenith
13.11.22 CZ – Prague / Tipsport Arena
14.11.22 PL – Katowice / MCK
16.11.22 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra
17.11.22 AT – Vienna / Gasometer
18.11.22 DE – Stuttgart / Schleyerhalle
19.11.22 CH – Zurich / Samsung Hall
21.11.22 ES – Barcelona / Razzmatazz
22.11.22 ES – Madrid / Riviera
24.11.22 IT – Milan / Alcatraz
25.11.22 DE – Frankfurt / Jahrhunderthalle
26.11.22 DE – Oberhausen / Rudolf-Weber-Arena
27.11.22 FR – Paris / Zenith
29.11.22 UK – London / Roundhouse*
01.12.22 NL – Amsterdam / Afas Live
02.12.22 DE – Hamburg / Sporthalle
03.12.22 DE – Saarbrücken / Saarlandhalle
04.12.22 BE – Antwerp / Lotto Arena *without Dragonforce