EPICA has revealed the latest video off The Alchemy Project LP with an enigmatic track co-written by Charlotte Wessels and Myrkur titled “Sirens – Of Blood And Water“. The project, which dropped November 11th, 2022, includes the integration of many talented musicians that range throughout the Metal subgenres from Symphonic Death Metal to Black Metal and more. With 7 tracks, and involvement from the likes of Tommy Karevik (Kamelot), and Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork), the variety on this album is one that’s both nerve-wracking and enticing.

‘The Alchemy Project’ includes these 7 tracks:
1) “The Great Tribulation” feat. Fleshgod Apocalypse
2) “Wake the World” feat. Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep) & Tommy Karevik (Kamelot)
3) “The Final Lullaby” feat. Shining
4) “Sirens – Of Blood and Water” feat. Charlotte Wessels & Myrkur
5) “Death is not the End” feat. Frank Schiphorst (MaYaN) & Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork)
6) “Human Devastation” feat. Henri Sattler (God Dethroned), Sven de Caluwé (Aborted)
7) “The Miner” feat. Asim Searah (Damnation Plan), Niilo Sevänen (Insomnium), Roel van Helden (Powerwolf)

The song, in itself, holds Epica‘s classic melody in high, with gentle notes playing out to lure us in, just as a Siren would, using velvet strings, and intricate keys to play along sun-kissed meadows and calm seas. With tresses of gold, fire, and ash cascading their bodies, the ‘sisters’ of Myrkur, Charlotte, and Simone serenade us down a path to indulge in an act that is not so pure in its accomplishments. With each of their vocals synchronizing seamlessly, yet still holding their own prowess throughout solo verses, this song is no less enchanting than its title. Cloaked in pure whites that trickle into crimson reds, the lyrics of this song are painted well in this video’s imagery – “Will you take this dagger from me, sweet sister, don’t linger. Come on into the water, ’cause our blood runs deeper, and I miss you,” is an all too tempting a promise that’s coated in darkness yet, will it be freeing or quick route to a cage? The promise of freedom, eternal beauty and life, all in the act of taking another’s life in swiftness for elusive gain. The dark backdrop, droplets of blood, and sweet whispers are alluring and frightening throughout, with the intensity of this track growing from its sweet nothings in the introduction to coarse desire and thrill.

Sirens – Of Blood and Water” is but one song off this wicked LP, and if you’ve been called by the Siren’s song, wandering as deeply as they demand, you HAVE to indulge in the other tracks as well.