Symphonic Metal figures XANDRIA announce their upcoming album, The Wonders Still Awaiting due out February 3rd, 2023 via Napalm Records. Fresh off the upcoming album, the band unveils this news with a fiery new music video for the track “Ghosts“.

Riding along the trail of the last two singles, “Reborn” and “You Will Never Be Our God“, the Symphonic Metal giants known as XANDRIA have finally unveiled the name of their upcoming studio album, The Wonders Still Awaiting. Founded in Germany by mastermind Marco Heubaum, the band is finally ready to debut their new lineup after six long years of silence. With their first European tour, and previous singles proving their fortitude, its clear that this new arrangement is one that sticks. Taking a deep breath, and bringing in expertise and experimentation, Xandria once more ascend toward the throne of Symphonic Metal, truly giving way for wonders still awaiting.

On November 3rd, 2022, the five-piece have finally released their new single, “Ghosts”, through a brilliant new music video that perfectly captivates the ambiance of versatile album. Vocalist Ambre Vourvahis not only shows her passion and creative flare as a songwriter but, her incredible vocal prowess as well – with range ascending into atmospheric choir to hellish growls and everything in-between.

XANDRIA on “Ghosts” and the new album:
“Ghosts actually started as a reminiscence to good old Swedish melodic death metal and with that archetypical guitar riff that you hear right in the beginning. 

And then we integrated it into our XANDRIA soundscape with lots of film score atmosphere and big choirs, because it was exciting to mix these elements and do our own thing with it (still we kept the working title “Swedish Fire” for a long time…). 

It is a good example for how diverse the new album will be and how many different influences we were putting into it. We had a lot of things – little musical dreams – in our minds and hearts that we wanted to realize, and along with what you already heard in the first two new songs this is just one of them. There will be quite some more surprises coming…”

The Wonders Still Awaiting is the first record from the band that unveils the talents of new vocalist Ambre Vourvahis, Robert Klawonn (Guitars), Tim Schwarz (Bass), and Dimitrios Gatsios (Drums). With 13 tracks in total, Xandria‘s sound is belted out heavier, stronger, and more monumental than imagined. However, the band still holds intimacy and tranquility in a variety of settings and emotions throughout. With a myriad of styles and genres being indulged, this epic album holds more of a cinematic feel in its scores than that of a long-hauler road trip playlist. Listeners are transported to a world where they can join in exciting adventures alongside the band as each and every note plays out. With the addition of a 40-piece choir, authentic Celtic instrumentals performed by renowned musicians, and velvety violin and cello contributions from Subway To Sally’s Ally Storch, this album seems pulled from the pages of a Fantasy novel. Joining the album is the Bulgarian National Radio Children’s choir, marking the first collaboration of this nature in the band’s history, while the confident Lukas Knöbl takes charge of the orchestrations on The Wonders Still Awaiting – known for his works with Hollywood legends like Roland Emmerich. With each track holding its own immersive soundscapes and cinematic qualities, the story seems to unfold rapidly before listeners’ very eyes, and ears, whether they are along for the ride, or thrown in anew.

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Ghosts” comes in on a banging drum solo, climbing through eccentric riffs and rising choir to paint the image of a darkened sky and the stars that speckle its expanse. Listeners are quickly captivated by this journey, with rich bass lines and solid drumming commanding a chase-like feel as “follow me up to the stars, leaving the world and the lies far behind me” kicks in, taking the adventure upward, beyond cloud cover and night to something more. A longing for change, and an end to suffering, “longing to live in the space between infinity” comes in both cosmic and entrancing, as if starlight hands on a delicate fingertip, calling us to leave the “ghosts of (our)my past” and search beyond.

Ambre’s vocal performance in this spans from solid verses to heart-stopping highs before descending into guttural growls that definitely raise eyebrows. Yet another taste of what’s to come from this band’s new lineup, and the boundaries they continuously seek to obliterate with their musical and creative capabilities.

The Wonders Still Awaiting Track Listing:
1.            Two Worlds
2.            Reborn
3.            You Will Never Be Our God (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
4.            The Wonders Still Awaiting
5.            Ghosts
6.            Your Stories I’ll Remember
7.            My Curse Is My Redemption
8.            Illusion Is Their Name
9.            Paradise
10.          Mirror Of Time
11.          Scars
12.          The Maiden And The Child
13.          Astèria