German-based TOAL drops their new lyric video for “Stigmata” via Darktunes Music Group on November 4th, bringing in a hard hit of dark synth-wave that knocked me back from the moment it started.

Described as “dark synth soundscapes caress her body, pumping basses break the silence, the deep beat of the night accompanies her every step. Luzi Lacole’s fiery voice ignites the longing for a common path, a new beginning, a campaign against mechanized petrifactions.” TOAL‘s versatile style can be categorized into three varying genres – Dark Electro, Dubstep and Witchhouse influences. A mystical mix of darkwave that greets post-apocalyptic industrial at the end of days.

This track popped into my playlist out of nowhere, and hooked me from the get-go with its ethereal presence and synthesizer introduction. Add in the finesse of female vocals that cascade like small dew drops on a misty morning, and this track lured me in like a whisper in the woods. As the electronic elements rise, and the bass gets heavy I am compelled to follow along; “love yourself, heal your soul, heal your wounds and don’t look back, don’t ask behind, and don’t say no to all the bad, no barriers,” is deep and yet somewhat foreboding, as if we’re being unchained yet asked to follow. It has a darkened Cascada feel, mixed with the ethereal-like imagery often accompanying bands like Era in their creations.

It held my interest enough for me to seek more, and listen to more from TOAL. Tracks like “Unreal World” and “Save The Ocean” finding their own videos on YouTube, with the former having nearly 500 000 plays on Spotify, and still holding the same level of bass and muse as “Stigmata” did. “Stigmata” not only leaves room for individual interpretation, as TOAL seeks to accomplish with all tracks but, does so while exposing a sense of reality in the soul, of longing, hope, and the eternal search for truth.

You can save your own copy of “Stigmatahere and don’t forget to check out TOAL’s Bandcamp for more releases. You can also follow the band via their Facebook, and Instagram for more exciting news and announcements!