Having received an e-mail from fellow Canadian Metallers, it was easy to pick up interest in not only this video but, the band itself. With greats like Exciter, Slaughter, and Razor having shown the fangs of Canadian Metal off, there was no doubt in my mind that this band could do the same.

Hardcore Metal/Thrash/Punk crossover trio Supermodel Taxidermy bring us old-school feel with new-school sound in their release from “Blood Painted Dash“. The trio hailing from Fort McMurray, AB, Canada formed over the pandemic fusing their love for music, with their passion for creative expression. Tackling references of Addiction, and Prostitution to Anti-Religion, and Love, Supermodel Taxidermy sets out to bring the fluidity of all Metal subgenres into one.

Their debut EP titled “A Whorer Story” dropped in January of 2022, and quickly amassed listeners from all over the world with tracks like “Deism” and “Chrysalis” raking in more than a few playthroughs. Now, on the eve of Winter’s cold, hard, grasp, they debut a brand new video for the single “Blood Painted Dash” that brings a wide-eyed gaze and jaw-drop from the moment it hits.

An eerie reflection of ghostly nightmares, and horrific memories slip through the cracked paint of a forgotten realm. What was once thought helpful, is now left hopeless. The hues of grey flicker into ivories and velvet blacks as we examine the visuals that not only slam into us like a car losing control but, giving us the spine-tingling chill of terrors untold.

Lyrics like “my metal bed, locked in a box,” and “a wall of shelving, names displayed on the front, where’s the guys, what’s this tag on my toe?” do an excellent job at painting a clear image of the story without digging too far into unnecessary details. With a title like “Blood Painted Dash” we can assume what happens but, it’s the story we came to hear. The imagery utilized in this retelling of events is brutal. Watching the decent from mortal to corpse, from pale skin to ashen grey, with an illuminated gaze soon glossed over. The touches on comparing colours of teeth, to wire-wrapping lips, all common to the mortuary routine, add to the overall eerieness this track has to offer. From hands creeping through doorways, to shadows jumping out from the dark, this video takes the simplicity of Thrash/Hardcore lyrics and injects them with adrenaline.

From start to finish, this track goes hard, making sure to initiate the heaviest solos and grinding riffs without complicating its story-telling purposes. Supermodel Taxidermy shows creativity and restrain while also dropping in technical knowledge and passion with this track, showing the world that Canadian Metal sits well among the greats.

You can listen to the track via the usuals like Spotify, ITunes, and Amazon, and don’t forget to give the guys a follow on their Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp, where you can also grab their album “A Whorer Story“alongside the new single “Blood Painted Dash“.