Latvian born Morphide is a female-fronted Heavy Metal force consisting of duo Jelizaveta ‘Eissa’ Zovnercuka (Vocals), and Kristians Konovalovs (Guitars, Bass, Drums). With notes of familiarity for bands like Infected Rain and Jinjer, this album is sure to bring listeners to their knees in praise. “Anhedonia” is a product of closed doors and passionate writing done over the last 3 years.

Kicking the album off is “Aftermath” that unleashes a wave of harsh growls that drag us in whether willing or not. Eissa shows off her vocal abilities in well-skilled range, utilizing the vicious growls to amplify her ambitious highs that proceed seamlessly from verse to chorus. It’s a tantalizing introductory track, displaying a full range of musical and vocal skill that gives listeners a taste of what to expect from then on out. With a solid melody, rhythmic drumming, and heavy breakdowns, it’s difficult not to see this album through.

Mayhem” takes things up a notch, using drums to bring in a show of strength that gives this Alternative album its heavier feel. This track has a very distinctive Infected Rain feel to it in vocal performance, once more giving Eissa the forefront to display the sheer power of her vocal prowess with ear-bleeding screams and striking growls. Moments of gentle release add to the album’s theme of human relationships, feelings and personality, switching from emotional highs to depressive lows giving listeners a full experience of dread. With lyrics like “stuck in past, reflecting abhorrence and disgust (we could) shine so bright, shine so bright but, we choose to suffer“, is a verse too fitting for the way many people choose to navigate their emotional issues and relationships when trouble runs amok.

Queen of Blame” carries us in on a blistering scream unleashed from the guttural realm of Eissa’s soul; switching almost immediately into a brilliant angelic high. The lull is short but intense, bringing in a different sort of track than the initial with faster drums, and heavier bass lines. This song shows technical skill on another level, moving away from the quick beats and rhythmic melodies to one with bludgeoning weight and strength like no other on this album.

To follow the heavy feel, “Enter The Storm“, one of the album’s more popular tracks, comes in on slender guitar plucks and gentle vocals. However, it’s a slow-burn, meant to build emotion and anticipation until the drums kick up and the agony is unleashed. Eissa targets her clean vocals on this track, contrasting the musical ferocity in a beautiful battle of emotional highs and lows, displaying how one deals with their own personal journey from loss to hope and an imbalance of power and understanding. It’s a track well-thought out in its execution to show the path one must take to cut themselves off, and choose right or left where they will be the one to determine whether they’ll idly follow along or break free.

Panopticon” came as our first taste of Morphide‘s debut album. Having been released a year earlier, this track gave us a valiant display of vocal skill and musical progression through a twisting melody that battles through control and the desire to break free. Lyrics like “It’s getting addictive to see, how you warp my sense of reality,” hammer in relatable instances of relationship turmoil where one holds control over the other. Obedience, isolation, and fragility are musically played out with delicate guitar riffs changing into a barrage of heavy drums and wild growls that beautifully articulate the emotional roller coaster this song suggests. As the first single from the album, this one brought the pain and still lingers as a top choice for many listeners, including myself.

The final track, “Cromulent” is a perfect way to summarize and complete this album. As ‘acceptable’ or ‘adequate’ as the term suggests, this track takes a lighter approach in opposition of its predecessor, capturing listeners’ attention through a harmonious display of tranquil instrumentals before ballad-like drums commence. As the music builds, we feel the change in pace from one of pain and depression shift to freedom and acceptance – a choice. That the road is still long and winding but, the horizon is brighter with the dawn. Will we choose to run up that hill, and chase the brightness before us or will we drown in illusive grace?

Anhedonia” is a brilliant album fueled by personal instances and emotional reflection that listeners can identify with and relate to. Morphide provides not only an astonishing journey through emotional turmoil and plight but, does so in a way with musical expression and skill that tears our soul to pieces through vocal cuts, grinds, and instrumental prowess.

You can check out more from Morphide via their Facebook page, and snag your own copy of “Anhedonia” via their Bandcamp. Don’t forget to check out their other music videos, merch and more via the Morphide as well!