Legendary Speed Metal trio STÄLKER have set their path ablaze with two full length releases under their bullet belts. With another batch of Necronomicon-induced summons coming in 2022 from the band, they’ve now set their Demonic gaze to release a 12″ double single as their next offering – Cranking Evil! The world-wide release is set to drop on November 4th, 2022 via Napalm Records, and there is no telling what ghouls may pour out from the mist as Daif, Nick, and Chris call out “Ripped to Pieces” and “Kneel & Worship“!

Now, “Ripped to Pieces” has emerged along with an official video and spikes of relentless speed gunning for the top. There’s no brakes on this ride through hell as STÄLKER holds the wheel.

STÄLKER on “Ripped to Pieces”:
“What lays ahead?
Where will you go?
Fate is what you make,
But tonight you’ll be….Ripped to Pieces”

With their pedal to the floor, STÄLKER has taken their punk style from the sewers to the streets, ushering in a new era of metal and hard rock that blends together in ritualistic fashion. The group’s 2017 full length debut titled Shadow of the Sword, brought new vocal prowess to the speed metal scene as the band bit and gnawed through the underground music scene with 10 metal-packed tracks harnessing the essence of Priest, Motorhead, and Venom. Fans quickly grew as the band released their highly anticipated second album, Black Majik Terror, in 2020; and with it came the stream of pure speed-induced addiction filled with faster riffs, heavier drums, and wilder vocals that turned metalheads and rock n’ rollers into members of the STÄLKER zombie army.

Pre-order your copy of “Cranking Evil!” via Napalm Records NOW! And don’t forget to follow the band for more updates and announcements via their Facebook page, or Instagram!