GoT fans will be familiar with the Stark Family motto “Winter is Coming”, and Winter itself has come to be known as a highly family-oriented season. From small gatherings, to stories by bonfire, and plenty of feasting, these are things commonly found, as well, in the local Metal scene. As many know, the Metal community is simply one big family made up of different fans of different genres like Modern Metal/Metalcore/Death Metal and more. Israel is no stranger to this scene, as Metal has had an enormous impact on music fans who have come to embrace the new waves of Metal that has now allowed the country to produce their very own Metal-focused festival – the Winter Uproar Festival!

Israeli Metal promoters Omri Netzer, Max Beklishchev and Vladislav Mazourenko put in their efforts and decided to create a winter festival right in the hottest city of Israel – Tel Aviv which is dedicated to Metalcore/Modern Metal music and featuring 8 local bands.

Bands like Her Last Sight offer up classic Metalcore vibes with thunderous drums and harsh vocals that help to express scorned emotion and self-reflection. All while bands like Revision The Dream take a heavier turn, dropping in with some light electronics but, a roar of relentless drumming and cascading lyrics that really get you into the pit! Fans will also have a chance to witness acts like Stained With Silver (Electronicore), Violate Inner Amends (Extreme), and Persephore (Emo) to top it off!

You can find out more via the Facebook event page for all up-to-date content and announcements! Tickets are available NOW via eventbuzz!