Desecrator Of Sanctuary is a solo project founded in 2021 in Ontario, Canada. Inspired mainly by the work of Burzum, DoS aims to create unsettling soundscapes that hold a feeling of despair under a cloak of disturbing movements. Slightly moving away from the traditional DSBM melodic sound, DoS seeks to not only infect the mind but, desecrate its sacred imagery. “Unsettling” dropped earlier this month after being recorded in ‘Cold Colony Studios’ in Hamilton, Ontario, and in combination with GlobMetal Promotions, its essence is one of relentlessness and pain.

The Voices In Me” is a barrage of distant rambling accompanied by harsh riffs and colder drum lines that set a mood of insanity and repetition. Like the hammering of a head against a brick wall, this short but swift track sinks in quick and leaves you stuck on the repetitive yet enticing beat. The harshness pulls back but, the drums continue to press on, almost forcing your hand in an unyielding search for relief by any means.

The second piece off the EP is titled “Control Through Fear” echoes louder than its predecessor. Coming in on a thunderous roar, blistering strings back cold screams into a void of absolute nothingness. It grows into a mix of distortion, bleeding out into desperate calls for help and screams of agony. A sense of loneliness and foreboding rides the melody that comes in tides of pain and silence as it stretches across a frozen shoreline – lost.

Tease Me” is exactly as its name presents – a small sampling just over a minute in length of a beat that’s somewhat catchy yet compelled to initiate terror with screeching background vocals.

Following up is “As I Watch From Behind” that’s just as creepy in composition as its title suggests. Running just over two minutes, the melody of this track holds a key component of eerieness in its shrill but striking tones that go from high-pitched to low and slow. Like shadows scraping skeletal nails across unseen walls, this song is a haunting soundscape of paranoia and darkness.

The final track off the EP belongs to the title track “Unsettling” – and that’s precisely what it is. A riff that really builds the tension quickly ramps up into hollowed howls both disturbing in nature and downright terrifying. It’s the perfect compliment to an EP built on the DSBM soundscapes and inflicting depressive doom and gloom on its listeners.

As this seems to be only one leap forward for Desecrator of Sanctuary, there’s a great deal more to explore and the scene has been scratching idly for sometime for a release of this magnitude. You can snag your own download of “Unsettling” via the link for Deezer. You can also listen via Amazon, Itunes, and Spotify!