Mexican Symphonic Metal force Kälad emerge once more with an entrancing new single titled “After the Storm.” Established in 2020, the band has rapidly gained success both on National and International fronts with the band having released their first single “Sail Away”, on the eve of the pandemic’s beginnings. Following with their signature track, “Kalad”, they quickly climbed into the Top 100 rankings of Mexican Metal favourites.

Accompanied by dark and mysterious atmospheres, Kälad use Symphonic Metal to tell intimate and intricate stories about romantic adventures whilst the soundscape takes over and transports us to a world soaked in velvety images and passion. However, one theme always rings true when it comes to the whole picture – the sea.

After the Storm” brings Modern Metal into Symphonic Fusion; a mesmerizing landscape of desolation and post-apocalyptic nightmare drench the horizon. Beyond the broken city limits stands a single, glowing beacon. Of hope? or of treachery? The romance seems bleak with this track yet, there is still a touch of love and wonder in the eyes of our wanderer.

A warrior’s visage, and a yearning for truth kicks off with the beat, bringing an eruption of emotion and wonder. Fallen Gods splatter the sands of time, lost in forgotten faith, their heads severed in distrust yet their eyes remain as burning embers. “Wanderers of hope and stories untold, searching for the point of living, when we have lost it all…

This track brings in a melody of reminiscence and pain, where we are left to reflect on the choices that have led us to this destiny. As the chorus erupts, stronger, and heavier, the drums pick up and we get the metal foundations to this symphonic track coming in full force.

The fragments we get of each band member, giving their all to this track and its performance doesn’t take away from the potency of the melody but rather, showing us their dedication. Julieta puts out a top level vocal performance from gentle lulls to floating highs as we take the next step forward together. While the lyrics are few in quantity, they’re bravely performed with soul-driven power. The more the song goes on, the more intense Julieta’s vocals.

Memories faded, age, timelessness are all forgotten as divine guitar solo melts into the sand, absolutely decimating expectations. Bass lines are solid, strumming the pace along with accuracy and keeping metal-heads from pausing their nods and bobs of enthusiasm. Once again Kälad embrace their Symphonic style while continuously pushing the boundaries of their Metal roots. This track took a deeper turn, focusing on vocals and lyrics as opposed to tracks like “Inner Tide” that came in with brutality and harshness, where the focus seemed to be on technical skill and entertainment. Where one has a musical feasting of epic proportions in instrumentals, “After the Storm” gives us a buffet of story, mind, and varying emotions – all of which are poured out and yearning for reflection.

You can find out more about Kälad via their Facebook page! You can also find them on Instagram, as well as YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming services!