I’ll admit, this one went under my radar for some time, and as someone who literally soared under it for so long, its no surprise I only caught onto Sullivan King now! Keaton Prescott, better known as Sullivan King is an American-based DJ who mixes EDM beats with his Heavy Metal guitar skills to create some blistering tracks that have you going absolutely insane.

This track, in particular, came up on one of my Metal mix playlists on Spotify, and to say I haven’t listened to it more than 100x would be a flat-out lie. It’s a mixture of intense rave beats and righteous heavy metal that had me hooked from the very beginning. With a tense build-up into a guttural scream, its hard not to see why this track would have Metal-heads and Ravers linking arms in delight. The dubstep-style beat is infectious and the track tacks on an aggressiveness befitting any fight scene.

The drop in “The Dead March” had me mesmerized, envisioning any and every anime fight scene I’d seen, and had yet to even imagine running full tilt in a race against time for who could be the most downright vicious as this track went on. I should’ve known better when one of my favourite tracks with the same elements, “Domination” by Kayzo and Papa Roach also featured King and had me going absolutely mad just like this one did the first time I heard it.

Like guns exploding against the deafening sirens on a backdrop of fire and dread, this track is a KILLER intro to Sullivan King and the content he creates. Not to mention, the assistance from Ray Volpe on this goes HARD with the blasts that really had the Anime sights flying through my mind. It’s got me hooked on both artists now, following every drop they create including Sullivan and Volpetron‘s upcoming remix for “Laserbeam” dropping this Friday!

You can check out more from Sullivan King via his linktree, as well as Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. You can also find upcoming tour dates via his website! You can also follow Ray Volpe on most Social Media sites including IG. He’s also on streaming services like Spotify and YouTube as well. You can follow his drops and upcoming pieces via his linktree as well – Volpetron !