On October 14th, we were greeted with yet another divine revelation in the newest release from Eluveitie titled “Exile of the Gods“. Firing off at the back of the previously released “Aidus” that came out 4-months prior, we are slowly but surely seeing a reveal into what Eluveitie has coming for us on their next album.

Founding member Chrigel Glanzmann comments: “We are very excited to share our new single ‘Exile Of The Gods’ with you – after ‘Aidus’ the ‘second page’ in Eluveitie‘s next chapter.

Our current path leads us way back in time. And back to the present! Our new song cycle is all based on a very old mythic text – the hermetic lament. Although it didn’t originate from Celtic culture, we know today that its words were taken on, assimilated, and taught by the Celtic druids henceforth. In the interpretation celtae it’s teachings were ascribed to the tricephalic Celtic god Lugus.

This ancient text contains some kind of a prophecy which holds some very serious and important words for us modern people of today – even if we assume that it’s not talking about our era (which personally I believe it does, though).

Among many other things that the lament of Lugus foretells: ‘…of thy faith nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. For the gods – which once deigned to sojourn upon earth – will return from earth to Antumnos. The gods will depart from mankind, a grievous thing! The world will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities.’

And this is, what our new single is dealing with!

However, that ancient text spells out clearly that we’re not simply talking about some mythological, religious or spiritual matters here. For it also talks very clearly about the development of mankind’s relationship with mother earth in that context and points out very concrete actions of ours (today) and their consequences in and for nature, and thus ultimately for us.

And so, we are excited to share our brand-new song with you all! And we hope you like it as much as we do and that maybe you even can find some inspiration in it! Enjoy!”

This video packs an absolute punch; dropping the heavy imagery of darkness, dread, and hopelessness ignited by dying embers that barely illuminate the fates we pass forward. From self-sacrifice to self-preservation, crawling to a desolate shoreline with our last weakened breath – we are cast away. It acknowledges the heavy impact that mankind has taken on Mother Earth, and that if we do not rekindle and rebuild that relationship now, we will surely suffer the consequences.

Eluveitie once again does a tremendous job at including the viciousness of their own instrumentals to add to the ferocity behind their song’s message. With Celtic-influenced pipes and flutes to embrace the historics, into the modernized metal, we see Eluveitie as it has been from the beginning. From Jonas’ brilliant guitar solos to Nicole’s elegant violins, we are blessed by the impact that these musicians have given to this track to further build the realism, and intensity of its words. We see relationships grown and severed, mother from child, lovers, siblings cast aside as every harp string is plucked like another thread of fate – time cut short.

Eluveitie will be co-headlining a European tour with none other than the legendary Amorphis starting in November of 2022. Don’t forget to grab your tickets to see one of these amazing shows! You can also stream Eluveitie‘s newest track “Exile of the Gods” via this link ! And remember to follow Eluveitie on Facebook for more updates including tour announcements, and more!