Juno-nominated, and Ethereal Gothic Metal Queen hailing from Oshawa Ontario, Lindsay Schoolcraft leaves jaws on the literal floor with her heaviest track yet – “Remember to Breathe” featuring the legendary Sarah Jezebel Deva. A harpist, singer, and pianist, Lindsay has displayed no shortage of courage and creativity with her music, bringing us some of the most brilliant tracks to date such as “Savior” and “Twin Flame“.

A perfect ringing into the Witchy Season, “Remember to Breathe” is a wandering through a Gothic Mansion filled with Ghosts and Ghouls of the past, and the haunting images of a Masquerade long past. Lindsay‘s vocals are strong, vicious, and mystical, cascading like a rolling fog in from the hills as it sweeps over us with mysticism and fear. “All the promises broken, you never forget,” is striking, painting a beautiful and ghostly visage of a past that cannot be escaped. It’s these stark images that let the lyrics that follow, “remember to breathe,” in all its opera-style glory that keep the story from closing its final chapter.

Sarah’s piano keys are delicate, picking on key moments like the turning of a blind corner while the hammer of thunderous drums keep adrenaline pumping, as if we’re trying to escape some unseen shade. There are so many intricate layers to this track that it’s difficult to pin down each one individually as they all beautifully move to complete one eerily Gothic picture. And of course, just in time for the spooky season, this song easily captures that feel. On the call of howling winds, and cold frost that permeates all it touches, this track is the pale nail on a specter’s fingertip, touching our soul like the very frost we try to escape.

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