Fresh off the heels of their summer tour, rounding out the final stop September 17th at the Davos Hard Rock Hotel, Dan Breeker heads into Fall with excitement, determination, and a new announcement. Due to debut in June 2023 comes the third studio album from the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock artist and group titled ‘All That Remains’

Having released a stunning set of albums in 2021 and 2022 including ‘MCMLXXXII‘ and the more recent ‘The Darkside of Loneliness’, both give extraordinary examples of the passion that Dan Breeker puts into every bit of their musical composition but, a few standout tracks really feature the band, and their “give it your all” enthusiasm.

Suffering in Silence” is the fourth track off the solo album MCMLXXXII that really feature that Heavy Metal aspect, with a terrifying intro riff that really gets your head moving. Vocals are rigid and raw, scraping down your spine like a serrated knife. Then layers in this track are infectious, utilizing a solid drum rhythm with steady bass to back the riffs that both terrorize and mesmerize throughout but, not before bringing in that heavy breakdown that launches a victorious guitar solo at the halfway point. Cascading back into the vocals, it’s a solo that elevates this track and makes it memorable.

This is Not a Lovesong” sets out to be exactly its title. With a grungy-rock like feel to its beginning, backed by a small drum solo, you get that 90’s vibe almost immediately. It’s dancy, catchy, and fun, not taking itself too seriously and providing quite the contrast to previous tracks like “Facing My Mistakes” and “Phoenix“. It’s a short and sweet track, really giving me The Offspring vibes from start to finish which allows it to be both interesting and still unique in its own twists.

“Sirens” adds that bit of Punk to the mix. With dragging vocals that tell more of a story than a song, and sharp but, peculiar riff work, you get that “don’t let them control you” message, not just from the lyrics but from the tone of the song itself. It’s low, slow and lyrically focused, letting vocals reign over the rhythms to really draw out the message that comes, for myself, memorably in “don’t let them enslave you.”

Coming closer to the album’s end is “Sands of a Wounded Soul” that really touches on the old-school Heavy Metal nods, utilizing its ballad features to amplify vocals and focus on string work. The one-minute mark brings in a head-banging riff that really gets you fired up. It’s got Iron Maiden-like rhythm and Sabbath like slow-flowing lyrics that really allow listeners to appreciate the musical composition of this piece from guitar work to the heavy bass that brings it all together. At nearly 7 minutes in length, this track rounds the album out really well with its balance of solos, acoustics, and overall heaviness.

Their second album, released in 2022 titled “The Darkside of Loneliness” that saw more personalized lyrics come into play, and Heavy Metal take more of a front seat in each of the 11 tracks. It digs deeper, with sludge-like riffs, fast-paced drumming, and heavier bass with vocals that keep the Dan Breeker original feel but, have more emotion backing their every word.

Project 431” really brings in the Heavy Metal, with striking guitars from the moment it begins, and keeping that higher pitch throughout the entirety of the song. The slamming of backing drums is louder, and more focused, that lets listeners really tune into which aspect they really enjoy about the track without drowning out every other layered creation. As guitars slow, you get that muddy, dragging feel that really sinks into the pit of your stomach and strangely confuses with the little pick-me-ups that break it up. It almost has a Staind feel to its composition but, adds the small quips to make it all its own.

Tell Me” starts out in a similar way to previous Dan Breeker tracks, and just as I come to know what to expect from these titles, this track spins me around and throws me into a wall. The beat picks up and really allows guitars to take over in this track, providing a solid rhythm that isn’t over-shadowed by vocal performance and let me appreciate the instrumentals more than other tracks had. With a small break at the near 4-minute mark that shines the spotlight on drums and bass, this track continues to elevate second after second until the very moment it ends.

Following up is the banger “Paradox” that cranks the volume up to 10, and brings in heavy power right from the get go. This quickly earned a spot as my favourite track from the Dan Breeker discography overall for its weight and make. Vocals go lower and feel steadier, with a focus on the emotion that is felt throughout the rawness of this track. The backing, radio-style insert, vocals adds a new touch to the band’s composition overall but, doesn’t take away from the ferocity this track boasts the minute it kicks off. While the riffs come off repetitive at first, they’re amplified just after 3-minutes, ascending from the harsh low to something with greater impact and fury. With oddities thrown in here and there, this track has its own obscurities that really make it an ear-worm and yet, its that rhythm, with that same repetitive beat that really had me into it.

“Scars of the Past” is the longest track on the album, running just over 10 minutes in length. With this, it adds story-like elements like an ethereal beginning in a far off land, floating down into a mist-soaked village far from the knowledge of our own world. As the music builds, more is revealed, and we are thrown into a fighting pit where we decide our fate. Guitars pick up, and the steady drumming that had kept us company as we walked into the arena has now heightened – are we alone? It’s closed eyes, and a memory locked away deep in the back of your mind. It’s the gentle touch of a familiar hand that had been missing for far too long. It’s broken frames, spidered glass, and wincing in pain. Every inch of this track utilizes its musical composition to build on its title, with the parade of drums to pick up familiar steps, to harsh strings that reveal those covered scars. Every bit of this track is awe-inspiring, with the beat coming in eerily familiar yet, unique in its execution from the off-putting introduction to the cliff-hanger of an end.

With tracks continuously elevating themselves, and the band’s growth overall not only in emotion but determination, it’s only a faraway fathom on what Dan Breeker will bring us next in the 2023 album, ‘All That Remains’. You can find out more about the band via their Facebook page, and follow their musical journey via their Mx3 link. They’re also available on Spotify, so make sure to check out this Swiss army and all they have to offer because I am certain they’re far from finished their journey toward the Heavy Metal throne room.