Sam Astaroth has released his catchiest, and heaviest song to date with the release of “Fxck It Up“! Joining forced with KRMNL, Sam unleashes his inner fury in relentless succession to previous tracks “Demoncore” and “Hollowed Out“. Featuring more than 450+ lyrics, this track initially comes off as a hook and chorus feast but, delves deep into the roots of inner purpose when focus is given.

Sam says:
KRMNL and I wrote this banger for you and this is my most hype song yet! Cause life is gonna fxck with you non-stop, so you can sit there and just take it or you can Fxck It Up & push back that much harder. You feel me?

And he isn’t wrong.

With lyrics bringing inner rapture amongst peers and listeners, “Fxck It Up” is a punch in the face of reality. “Talkin about shit ain’t going your way, when you ain’t do jack shit about it,” is a harsh but deep truth that many fail to recognize. Alongside lyrics like “Got some real bad news for you, you ain’t getting rich. Better die trying like 50 said bitch, life ain’t giving you no hand out,” seems cruel but, is a harsh reality check for those always hunting for an easy answer rather than spending time earning it. KRMNL’s production work is second to none. Balancing Sam’s vocals with perfectly timed beats that add fright and flare through impacted lows and screeching drags that take the base of this track, and makes it an ever-growing ear-worm.

For Sam, this song is pulled from the darkest depths of his soul. A reality he reflects all too well from shadow to flame as he has spent countless hours, efforts, and finances pursuing his dream. If there is nothing less to be learned from this new track, it’s that the life you dream of must be fought for and earned. “If y’all ain’t slave to the grind,” is no insult to those who choose to relax and work pay to pay but, gives clarity to those who aspire, to hustle harder, show determination, and fight for what they want out of life.

Fxck It Up” seems to bring a fusion of Techno, Trap, Demoncore, and Progressive Metal all into one space, pounding it into the ground and igniting it with a passion and desire unmatched by many up and comers in the Music scene. By far my favourite track from Sam‘s recent line-up, it’s lyrics like “Suck it up, suck it up, suck it up, buttercup, fist to your face bitch, pucker up,” that really had me hook, line, and sinker the moment it dropped.

You can more from Sam via Spotify, YouTube, and ITunes, as well as Bandcamp ! You can also join Sam alongside Aesthetic Perfection, Gen Cab, and Josie Pace, at the American Psycho – North American Tour stop at The Garrison in Downtown Toronto this Saturday, October 15th. Find out more here.