Progressive Power Metal force Immortal Guardian release their newest single “Southern Rain” off their upcoming 2023 albumUnite and Conquer’ via M-Theory Audio.

“For several moments in our history, we have doubted the humane side of humanity. Now, this is the moment we arise to say: ENOUGH! No matter how hard things get, no matter how south things go, we will never back down,” states singer Carlos Zema. “We will not race against the races. We will not stand as victims anymore. We will unite and persevere against all the bullets that our families dodge every day. Together as one, we stand against the next bloodstain in our history, at all costs.”

Southern Rain” is the third new single that Immortal Guardian has released since Spring; highlighting the determination, and hard work that this four-piece unit has undertaken to follow the success of 2021’s ‘Psychosomatic‘ album. With previous releases like “Ozona” and “Echoes” bringing about a rise in interest and jaw-dropping sound, the concept for their next creation was born.

After breaking ground via their 2018 full-length debut Age of Revolution – which featured its own fair share of creative music videos, including the “Armageddon”-meets-telenovela clip for “Stardust” – and through tours with the likes of Marty Friedman and Exmortus, Immortal Guardian collected themselves in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2020 to record their second album. As the spread of the pandemic hit and the subsequent shutdowns around the world began being enforced, the band completely scrapped the record that they had been working on; choosing, instead, to create and write a new thematic record about their emotions surrounding current events. The resulting ‘Psychosomatic‘ was a truly multi-national record, with guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian – known for his uncanny ability to play the two instruments simultaneously – remaining in Las Vegas, singer Carlos Zema recording his vocals from his home in Brazil, drummer Justin Piedimonte tracking from Montreal and bassist Joshua Lopez recording from Immortal Guardian‘s native Texas.

Southern Rain” is but a taste of what’s to come for the rest of 2022, and into 2023 for the Power Metal quartet; one that has kept the spark of determination and passion going throughout the struggles the past few years have held for Artists, Musicians, and the world alike.

You can find out more about the band via their FB page – Immortal Guardian, their online shop, and their website!