It’s been a long-time coming, about 3 years truthfully, after the release of the insane ‘INEFFABILIS’, French death-grinder powerhouse Haut&Court are back with a brand new full-length creation in celebration of their 10 years of existence.

Their new album, titled ‘Collapse’ will be unveiled November 10th, 2022 via CD, Cassette Tape, and Digital Formats through label No Good to Anyone & Duality Records. The first excerpt from the album, called “Relentless Humility” gives us a taste of the ferocity and absolute aggression this album has to offer.

The official statement from No Good to Anyone reads:
“Relentless Humility” is the first track off the album Collapse’, the new album by death grinders Haut&Court. from Strasbourg, France.

This one is relentless as the title stated, and begins with a power-violence riff that will keep no one safe in the mosh pit for sure. And then comes what makes Haut&Court a band apart the others: a mid-tempo death metal madness part that conclude the track.

A track that leaves destruction in its wake; “Relentless Humility” is a thunder of violent riffs and skull-splitting drums in a track that spans just over 1-minute in length. With crushing vocals, and speedy rhythm, this track needs no length to get fans in the pit.

You can pre-order ‘Collapse via the direct link, or through No Good to Anyone on their Bandcamp page!