Melodic Death Metal seems to be all the rage in Europe but, it hasn’t exactly evaded North American shores either. American Melodic Death Metallers, Theosis, drop their single “Deadlights” off the newly released album ‘Overture of the Damned‘ as a lyric video that brings in a bit of fear and nostalgia with familiar lines.

Theosis was formed in 2012 at San Diego, California by guitarist Dana Roselli. Their current line up now consists of John Haskin (Vocals), Dana Roselli (Guitar), Lee Burgos (Guitar), Zac Herriot (Bass/Vocals) and Nick Mafi (Drums). The band brings a unique sound to the melodic death metal genre, with influences such as Black Dahlia Murder, Children of Bodom, and Darkest Hour.

Deadlights” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Tolley at Clarity Recordings, with the lyric video being made by Irvan Dionisi. Chiming in on the familiar horror of the recent IT remake, “you’ll float too” serenades us eerily into a blast of skin-carving riffs, and spine-trembling drums that only continues to mount. Not to be outdone, the tremendous vocal performance by John Haskin brings lines like “I’ll dine on your corpses. I’ll feast on your flesh” an extra layer of smirk-dropping horror with shredding relentlessness.

Theosis does not shy away from their Melodic influences, bringing in driving ballad-like solos and uplifting instrumental skill that makes this track as memorable as any In Flames, or Darkest Hour release.

You can find more from Theosis via their Instagram and Facebook pages including live shows, releases, and more! You can also stream their latest album via all available platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, YouTube, ect.