Fresh off the heels of their previous release, “Pray for Water“, Borealis blows us away with the brand new music video for “Ashes Turn to Rain“. Featuring stunning clips of live performance from the band, and cinema-quality clips through a fantastical journey, this song is yet another divine sample of the growth and creativity that Borealis has to offer us on the new album.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Illusions‘ due out on October 7th, 2022 via AFM Records, this track takes Borealis to new heights. With an ethereal intro straight out of a cinematic masterpiece, we’re lead into a fairy-tale of rebirth. The striking images of a shadowy, cloaked figure, dimly lit torches, and ritualistic callings paint the vivid reality of hope, desperation, and change.

Ferocious guitar solos strike when least expected but, don’t pull attention away from the overall brilliant performance. The chorus is hair-raising with “time to start things over,” yank us in by the collar, only to stun us with the further extension of “hold me down I’m broken, I am trying to change my life. From hell to heaven where ashes turn to rain” leading into a message that resonates with fans and fantasy alike.

You can stream the new track via the link HERE. You can also pre-order the upcoming ‘Illusions‘ album ‘Illusions’ via their website – .