Hailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta, the four-piece thrash barrage known as Crimson Caliber release a brand new video for their track “Toxic Infiltrator”. For fans of fellow Canadian Metallers Hazzerd, Crimson Caliber takes all the Thrash Metal elements and makes them their own. With lyrics focused on Anarchy, War, and Post-apocalyptic themes, it’s no surprise Metal fans have come to crave what the band has to offer.

Shot and edited by Posteblock Media, the video brings live stage performance, and metal show vibes back to life using the masterful mixing of Tj Audio. From head-banging riffs, to swirling fans, this video shows the energy that Crimson Caliber not only puts forth on their own but, commands from the audience.

Not only is their diabolical influence in their lyrics, and their presentation but, the rounds of fun that’s to be had when performing and filming as well. Embracing the vibe their audience brings with thrash dancing, mosh pits, and screams of enthusiasm, the band puts forth their all as if it’s truly ‘all or nothing’ every night.

The execution is classic Thrash, with steadfast melody, persistent drumming, and bits and pieces of ripe solos begging to be blasted through your speakers. Crimson Caliber keeps things simple, with vocals and lyrics precise, and gradually stepping upward without trying too hard to be something too obscure, which seems to be the case for many underground bands. With that in mind, it’s their simplicity that makes them so appealing.

Crimson Caliber will be opening for Dayglo Abortions alongside Raising Ruins, and Citizen Rage on September 2nd, 2022 at the Mainliner Pub in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Tickets are $15 CAD in advance/ $20 CAD at the door. Doors open at 8:30PM EST.

You can grab your own copy of “Toxic Infiltrator” via Crimson Caliber‘s bandcamp, alongside other wicked singles!