Swedish Symphonic Metal Legends THERION reissue four Iconic albums including ‘Gothic Kabbalah’, ‘Sirius B’, ‘Secrets Of The Runes’, and ‘Lemuria’ that will be available on October 28th, 2022 via Napalm Records!

Hailing from Sweden, the legendary metal pioneers known as THERION announce their return to fans with the reissue of four colossal albums that debuted 20 years ago. With the help of Napalm Records, be prepared to snag limited edition of vinyl copies for 2001’s ‘Secret Of The Runes‘, 2004’s double release of ‘Lemuria’ and ‘Sirius B‘ and 2007’s concept double album ‘Gothic Kabbalah‘.

Each one of THERION‘s full-length offerings feature symphonic metal inspiration that takes heavy metal influences and mixes them with death metal traits from the band’s early days; while adding a bit of orchestral finesse and lyrical genius to create mesmerizing, and memorable melodies.

With topics like occultism, magic, and ancient tradition, THERION are happy to return to fans with something they’ve long been waiting for – a chance at LP again. With ‘Secrets Of The Runes‘ touching on Norse Mythology and the nine realms. ‘Lemuria’ and ‘Sirius B‘ tackling the sunken island of Lemuria, and a mix of more than 170 musicians; as well as the musical styles and variation on ‘Sirius B’. ‘Gothic Kabbalah’ with its magic and mysticism; fans will be delighted at the opportunity to not only get their hands on these legendary albums but in brilliant new format as well.

You can pre-order your own copies via Napalm Records now!