Canadian Industrial Metal band Cosmic Death Cult have released their debut EP ‘Your Gods, Your Masters’ in collaboration with GlobMetal Promotions. This striking EP was mixed and mastered by none other than Brendan O’Carrollin in Ethereal Plane Studio, combining a lingering sense of dread and the masterful technical skills of Cosmic Death Cult to create absolute terror.

Formed in Ontario, Canada by BOC (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth), Cosmic Death Cult has veteran status in the Ontario Underground Extreme Metal Scene. The band’s music combines elements of classic metal foundations with thrash and black metal alongside psychedelic inspirations. Drawing influence from vintage sci-fi, horror, and hallucinatory films and novels, the music that is created from these elements is something strikingly similar to popular dungeon crawler RPGs of the past.

Featuring 4 tracks, including the title track “Your Gods, Your Masters”, this EP delves into the darkest reaches of deep space, bringing terror and fear to the forefront while simultaneously allowing for a lingering sense of dread to wait in the shadows.

The title track, itself, has the essence of an old-school Alien-hunting game from the 90’s, where your FPS viewpoint left you frightened at the turn of every corner, unaware of what may pop up next; all while fueling you with adrenaline to keep pushing forward. For fans who enjoy pushing the boundaries on the concepts of their musical taste, this EP is sure to wrap its tentacles around you and keep you pinned for more.

You can snag your own copy of the EP via the Cosmic Death Cult bandcamp for stream and download. You can also find merch and more via their very own website at .