“A pitch-perfect black metal dramedy (…) ‘Lords of Chaos’ is tremendous fun” (Variety)

After already unveiling some spectacular content on the platform with ‘RocKabul’‘Soaring Highs And Brutal Lows’ or ‘Sound Of Scars’ about Life Of AgonyTHE PIT (aka the first ever SVOD platform dedicated to the ROCK & METAL universe), recently added new content with the broadcast of the live performance by French blackened-hardcore masterminds Celeste @ Le Trabendo Paris, France and now the movie Lords Of Chaos (2018) directed by Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund, available right now on the platform.

Lords of Chaos is about a teenager’s journey to ignite Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s which results in an overly violent outcome. In 1987, Oslo, Euronymous, a then 17-year-old, becomes fixated on initiating “true Norwegian Black metal” through his band Mayhem. His target garners a wild amount of publicity stunts to mark his band on Metal history but, the border that stands between performance and reality quickly begins to blur.

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