The wait is finally over! Symphonic Metal Veterans DELAIN unveil their new singer through the release of their ethereal new single titled “The Quest And The Curse”. DELAIN is the brainchild of founder, keyboardist, and songwriter Martijn Westerholt, and now he returns with new prowess featuring a new lineup and their brand new vocalist – Diana Leah.

Diana’s powerful, siren-like voice takes DELAIN to the next step, fitting the band’s already hardened style while bringing her own contrasts to the mix. Rejoining the band to fortify the band’s longevity is guitarist Ronald Landa, and original drummer Sander Zoer, while new members Diana and bassist Ludovico Cioffi add comforting yet stark new layers to the band’s revolutionary sound.

Having gained over 100 000 views over their short release of the new single, DELAIN set off on a new era to test their influential sounds and push the boundaries of their own imagination.

“The Quest And The Curse” not only reveals to us Diana as the new vocalist but, her abilities as well. Styled in DELAIN-like fashion at the forefront of an ominous sky. With head-banging drums immediately pulling listeners in, this track quickly shows off its trademark riffs, brilliant orchestration, and luscious vocal command through its mixture of metal, pop, electronics, and cinema-level sound. DELAIN doesn’t stray far from its past with this track, adding a bit more flash and flare through the more prominent usage of harsh male vocals, and the heavier drums but, the style and sound are relatively the same – which will be a welcome relief to fans who have been waiting for the band to make their next move.

As a fan of previous DELAIN albums from April Rain, to the Lunar Prelude EP, and the more recent Apocalypse and Chill, I was a bit dismayed by the band’s initial split. I am relieved to find DELAIN has stayed true to their unique sound, despite lineup changes and a return to their roots. This track is a mixture of old, and new, with some stark contrasts that allow DELAIN to remain as a front-runner in the Symphonic Metal scene.

As Martijn Westerhold states:
“The future of DELAIN looks bright!”

You can add “The Quest And The Curse” to your own playlist, or purchase a copy of the single here – DELAIN ! You can find more about DELAIN via their website – here.