A four piece neo-medieval band from Kraków, PL is just what former Eluveitie member and hurdy-gurdy master Michalina Malisz had waiting in the wings when she announced her heart-wrenching departure. LYRRE merges the old and the new, medieval with modern, legendary and cinematic to create a new and immersive sound that both captivates and stuns.

After her last show with Eluveitie on July 9th at Rockharz Open Air, Michalina made a quick sprint down the road of her new journey to unleash upon us her own project known as LYRRE. LYRRE is hurdy-gurdy based, featuring Michalina’s masterful skills on the instrument as well as featuring her vocal abilities front and center.

On August 5th, LYRRE revealed their first single “Divide and Conquer” alongside a brilliantly crafted music video. Featuring a feast of fantasy characters and a perfect setting, LYRRE stands in the courtyard of a King who has worn his crown for far too long. Lyrics are masterfully executed in expressive form with verses like “your voice belongs to me and I demand obedience.” this quickly falls into the catchy chorus “king’s dead, long live the king. just making sure your eyes are not open.”

The combination of heavy metal foundations and signature hurdy-gurdy tune make this song unique but comforting, as if to give us a familiar sound to resonate with before battering us with contrasting breakdowns and eerie solos. Fans of bands like Heilung, Myrkur, and Eluveitie will quickly fall in love with LYRRE as I did.

Michaelina’s vocals are an all too welcome sound, with her range of highs and lows stunning yet, it is her mastery of the mid-level speech-like verses that send a shiver down the spine as she ignites a new fairy-tale.

LYRRE has only taken their first steps forward in the Metal world, and noting that their path forward is one well-carved is indisputable. Michalina has made quick work of expectations, taking confusion and anticipation and brewing it into a concoction of myth and legend.

You can find more from LYRRE via their bandcamp as it updates. They are also active on socials such as Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forge to add “Divide and Conquer” to your playlists on Spotify, YouTube, Itunes, and many more!