After his covers of Disney songs, and creating Viking chants in Old Norse, Peyton Parrish’s fan-base has grown through Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media sites. All pulling them back to his YouTube channel. With inspiring renditions of “Sound of Silence”, and classic Disney tunes like “I’ll Make a Man out of You” done as a Rock version, Peyton has not only set out to conquer the music scene but, the hearts of fans as well.

The latest release off his upcoming album ‘Rise of Vikingr’ is a spin on the anthem originally done by L.B.ONE, Datamotion ft Perly i Lotry for the popular TV Series ‘Vikings’ that is an ode to the classic Scandinavian song “My Mother Told Me”. However, Peyton’s version is sang in Old Norse, and touched by Heavy Metal influences, and video game culture that puts beautiful lyrics aside striking visuals.

Utilizing the Dawn of Ragnarok footage from Assassin’s Creed, we not only witness the band’s fiery presence in brilliant orange hue but, the visions of the one-eyed Allfather himself facing off against fierce giants – Odin.

The classic lyrics of the chorus are as follows:
Þat mælti mín móðir,

at mér skyldi kaupa

fley ok fagrar árar,

fara á brott með víkingum,

standa upp í stafni,

stýra dýrum knerri,

halda svá til hafnar

hǫggva mann ok annan,

hǫggva mann ok annan.

that roughly translates to:

My mother told me

Someday I would buy (buy)

Galleys with good oars

Sails to distant shores

Stand up on the prow

Noble barque I steer

(Steady) Steady course to the haven

Hew many foe-men

Hew many foe-men

Striking on nods to heavy drum beats and delectable Metal riffs, this short, but vicious cover track is one to put on any Gamer’s playlist to really put that God of War, or Assassin mindset into your gameplay. Peyton himself offers up some deeper growls, and soaring highs that not only show off his own growing vocal prowess but, his dedication to his craft – to get as into the song and its inspiration as much as possible.

Some of my personal favourites from Peyton that you can check out are his cover for Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man out of You!”, “Valhalla Calling” and his other single released only a few weeks ago “Dane (Viking Nordic Rock Song)” feat. Tommy Vext/Lone Wolf.

You can find more from Peyton via the Parrish Family including Meet and Greet opportunities, tour dates and signed copy of the upcoming ‘Rise of Vikingr’ album! You can also pre-order the album direct – here!